Sampler triggering w/ seperate outputs

Can someone give me a step by step quick tutorial on creating this setup?

I need to trigger samples (vox & effects) on a small 25 or 36 note controller keyboard. There will be vox samples out of 2 channels and effects samples out of another 2… so I can give FOH and monitor guy control over them separately.

I have a radial key largo as my onstage mixer.

Thanks in advance!

Maybe something like this? [Gig] 8X Soundboard

Thanks will try!

What’s most efficient way to assign to keys ?

(ie 5 samples to one song (5 diff keys), 4 on the next song, so on so forth)

Does this work for you?

The most efficient way - whatever works better for you :slight_smile: Play with it a bit and experiment.

Can you send this file with just one instance instead of 8? it won’t let me delete instances

I’ve been using Battery (by Native Instruments) as a sample/one shot player, since I already had a copy. If you have it as well, LMK and I will share what I do here in this thread. (Same applies to anybody else that might be interested in how to use Battery, and why I chose it over the Audio File Player.)

Any issues while deleting?

@schamass created that gig file.

I could have a look at it (later this day), but honestly i still don’t know what the actual problem is or what you (@DaveSchulz) are actually trying to do… i need more detailed information.
And please upload your gig file, so we can have a look at it.
As long as i only have to guess what exactly you want to do, it’s completely pointless for me to start working on it… so, please help me to help you.

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