Sample Robot to Konkat7 Process?

I’ve managed to acquire all of the plugins and software for my move from the Kronos to VSTs. Having the 80s synth VSTs is is making it so much easier to match the original timbre of the 80s songs I’m covering. For the patches for complex, layered sounds that I can’t quickly create, I’m initially using a sampler to bring the sound over from my Kronos.

I’ve got Sample Robot working through my interface/midi to do that, and I round the guide that someone put together here on how to go through the process. All of the sample robot steps worked perfectly, and I exported it as a Native Instrument sxt project.

When I went to import it into Kontakt as an instrument I discovered that they had dropped support for importing sxt files (starting with Kontakt 6?). I’ve gone through the process of opening up the key mapper and dragging the wav files over and using the auto assign feature to associate them with the right note.

One thing I noticed is sample robot is using a European style ‘h’ instead of b for those notes, which Kontakt doesn’t like. Is there a way to configure Sample robot to use b, or Kontakt to treat h as b? For now I’ve been renaming the file to work around the issue.

I’ve created loops and in some cases adjusted the starting point so the sound starts right away. When I save the instrument out, I presume the monolillth option is best, which creates a single nki file. I think I initially saved it as a different form with samples in a sub-directory before realizing nki was an option, but I think that earlier save may have had unwanted side effects.

My new dedicated mac mini came in yesterday and I spent last night installing all the plugins, custom patches I’ve created and finally installed gig performer and copied my gig files over. When I open up one of the NKI files, it’s complaining about a missing ‘Untititled.nkr’ file and gives me an assumed path where it expects it. I can’t seem to find that file on the original machine, and wonder if it’s needed or not, since the other NKI files don’t seem to have this problem.

Is there a way to remove this dependency, or should I just start over with a new instrument and re-import the wav files, etc… for this patch? Is someone else using Sample Robot with Kontakt 7 and knows of an easier way to import the sounds, or at least the correct manual steps to take to create a portable NKI file that can move between machines?

Have you asked this question on the Sample Robot forums where people are probably much more familiar with the process?

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