Saint Augustine in Hell

Looking to recreate the organ sound from this Sting track on Ten Summoners Tales. I’m thinking it’s not a Hammond, but probably with a real Leslie and or Dynacord CLS. Any thoughts?

Dou you have a link to the song?

For me it sounds typical Hammond with Leslie and some overdrive and c3 scanner vibrato


I agree, and without “percussion”.


Not a Peavey organ module with BX-3 patch (which I think David Sancious used at the time)?

Ok and the bx-3 patch sounds like…a Hammond?

But brighter, more ‘digital’?

No probably just more higher harmonics drawbars (the last three ones).

Yes and the highs in the amp or Leslie eq.

The Peavey Spectrum Organ was released in 1995 and is a sample playback organ module focused on classic organ sounds like the Hammond B3

The Spectrum organ is a 32 oscillator sample playback synth with up to 4 oscillators per voice. These can be controlled like drawbars and/or percussion when used with a PC 1600. The waveforms consist of B3, Korg CX3, VOX, Farfisa, synth and pipe organ sources. For greater variety, a set of fourteen attack waves have been added

So what answer did you expect in this post?

Rather than splitting hairs about the sound of the original record, which is… a Hammond or a Hammond clone, whatever, it will sound the same to the average listener, better optimize your phrasing in the interpretation of this riff an it will cool. :wink:

I was looking for some insight around the difference between a tonewheel and a clonewheel.

The difference between a true tonewheel and an excellent clonewheel is tenuous, and the discussions on the subject endless. Two Hammonds of different age and condition sound different themselves.
@Pianopaul’s question seems to me to come from the fact that you’re asking a question for which one of your posts ultimately suggests that you pretty much already had your own answer.
There’s nothing aggressive about @Pianopaul’s answers. Just keep in mind that we’re not all native English speakers. :wink:

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Point noted, thanks.

I guess I wasn’t really satisfied with my own research.

Please ignore my previous reply, apologies.

Me thinks you are being way too sensitive!

Really cool tune!

That is did not get.
I thought you wanted to hear form others what they believe is used, a Hammond or different.