SAFP and auto move scriptlet

So far, I’ve been using the Auto-Move scriptlet to fade-in/fade-out audio tracks in the Audio File Player (“control” widget associated with “lane x volume”).
The sounds were stepping up or down regularly.

Now I want to use it with SAFP (“control” widget associated with SAFP volume ) but it doesn’t work properly:

  • in fade-in the sound arrives quickly, then finishes rising correctly at the selected speed.
  • in fade-out it starts to fade normally then quickly disappears.


I could get round the problem by associating the “control” widget with the “Gain and Balance Control” plugin at the SAFP output, which is used to adjust the various SAFP levels, but I’d lose the predefined level settings, as the scriptlet uses fixed values of 0dB and +6 dB.

Or I’d have to add a second “Gain and Balance Control” plugin after the one using the scriptlet to set the desired levels.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to obtain a regular movement with the SAFP volume (I’ve tried modifying the scaling curves without success).

I hadn’t thought enough about it and came up with a solution without adding anything: I link the scriptlet’s “Control” widget with the “Gain and Balance Control” plugin behind the SAFP and a widget to the SAFP’s “volume” slider.
To adjust the different levels of the SAFP, I first set the gain of the “Gain and Balance Control” plugin to +6 dB, then adjust the levels with the SAFP volume widget.
When I trigger the scriptlet, the progression is regular.

On the other hand, I encounter the same problem when moving any widget mapped to the SAFP volume (slider or knob): by setting it to the minimum of -72 dB, the slightest movement causes it to jump directly to -41 dB, then the progression becomes regular, and the same in the other direction down to -41 dB, then a direct jump to -72 dB.

No problem if you manipulate the volume slider in the SAFP directly but not with a widget mapped to it.