S-Gear: Widget assignment all ok?

FINALLY got around to trying out S-Gear and is everything it is built up to be. Within minutes of firing it up had some great sounds and so it will very soon be being purchased.

The one niggling thing was done slight weirdness with how it was responding to widgets in GP. Now, I am almost completely certain that this is due to the trial version and the trial screen it pops up when the plugin is closed and re-opened - with the plugin open it works fine, when it is closed it can be unresponsive sometimes.

Just wanted to check with those who have the full version that all is good? I am certain it will be but wanted to check first!


Didn’t have a lot of issues with the new S-Gear. Make sure that you are using the latest GP if you are using VST3 version of the S-Gear plugin. Also try different editions of the plugin on your system (AU/VST2/VST3) see if there are any differences.

Ah yeah, always forget the try the other type of plugin trick. Will give that a go.

But I am 99.9% certain it’s just the trial splash window; with the plugin open and the splash window not showing all seems good. It’s only when it has been closed for a bit. But I’ll try the AU & VST2 versions tomorrow.

I use the VST3 version (Mac) in most of my workspaces and everything works well. The only thing I’ve come across is the VST3 UI won’t update if you use a midi controller to move a widget/parameter. However it will refresh if you hover your mouse over one of the UI controls. This doesn’t affect the sound at all. I’ve reported it to the S-Gear Dev. The AU plugin doesn’t have this issue.

The only parameter that is a bit non-standard is the one to select Amp A/B. It needs a parameter value of 1 and 2 (0.01 and 0.02) to toggle the amps. But you can set this up easily with the parameter scaling Min and Max in the widget settings.

Splendid :slight_smile: I’ll do another quick check today just to make sure but sounds like all is good and will give me something fun to play with over the next few weeks(/months…:grimacing:) of not leaving the house…

I’ve used it almost every day for 7 years, so you’ll be fine :wink:

Great! I really don’t know why I hadn’t tried it earlier - I’ve been using Thermionik which is really good, but definitely caters more to the higher gain end of the spectrum - as almost all newer amp Sims seem to; why is that?!? - whereas I sit at the lower gain end and this is where (as has been documented heavily so not sure why I’m surprised) S-Gear is just superb. Had an exceptionally fun evening playing around with it last night :slight_smile:

I’ve been using NI’s Guitar Rig, Amplitube and the PRS collection from Waves before. For me S-Gear is by far the best sounding amp sim plugin, as i’m also more into “low gain” or clean sounds. The only issue i have experienced is the amp A/B switch (controlled by a widget with range set from 1 to 2). When i switch variations it sometimes accidently does not switch as programmed, but this might be due to a script programming issue. I wouldn’t blame S-Gear or GP for that.

@fitsh welcome to our forums!

Please make sure that you set the min/max for the widget that is controlling the A/B switch to values 1 (min) and 2 (max)

That should map properly to S-Gear’s A/B switch

Welcome @fitsh! I completely agree - I’ve come from Amplitube and then Kazrog Thermionik (which to be fair is also excellent) but S-Gear has blown them away.

As djogon mentioned, there are a few parameters which need some specific values assigned to them of which A/B is the oddest as it just switches between values of 1 and 2. There are some others as well (for the 3-way switches etc) which are noted in the S-Gear manual.

As for my original question, switched to the AU version and it has been working great so happy with that (I never really know when/why I should use VST over AU or vice-versa… anyone have any insight?) - going to run out the trial period for the next few days but unless I find something disastrous in it (highly unlikely) then it will be my amp sim of choice come the weekend!

Hi djogon, thanks for writing! The widget range for the a/b switch is set properly, so it’s not a question of correct mapping. Let me make some more tests and i’ll write again.

Thanks for the hint with the AU version. I’m working on a Mac platform and i’m using S-Gear in AU. So unfortunately that’s not the point. As written to djogon i’m gonna make some more tests and then write again.