Running out of groups

Hi everyone!

It seems I’ve used all the letters of the alphabet and need more Groups for my widgets… any ideas/ solutions?

Any other way to sync widgets without using groups?

Thanks a lot!

Here’s a quick workaround without using groups.

Workaround.gig (48.7 KB)


Thanks for the great tip!

However I believe that this workaround only works if the plugin/ Instrument is in the global Rackspace.

What if I want to sync widgets AND control a plugin that is inside a variation/ normal Rackspace?

What exactly are you doing that requires so many groups?

The case I use it more often is:

  • Bypass a Plugin + Mute the GainPlugin when creating parallel signal paths.

I also use it in other scenarios.

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Yes but do you really need more than 26 groups in a single rackspace?

Other solutions, besides widget groups: How to control multiple parameters with a single widget?

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Thank you very much for the quick response! It works!

26 groups is probably enough for most cases. I got excited with the capabilities of Gigperformer and started building a mammoth patch and was almost hitting the limit of groups.

Great, enjoy Gig Performer :beers:

If you’d like to share your feedback or have questions with your patches, check out this category: Sound Design with GP - Gig Performer Community

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