Running gig performer on every input channel

Can I run my whole band through Gig performer 3?
Processing each input through a dedicated signal chain with what needs to be done(EQ, Compression, amp modelling etc).

Also throwing on something on output bus:es

I loaded a number of rackspaces into a “project” but I haven’t had time to try it out IRL if that will work. Will all backspaces be pass audio simultaneously although Im “viewing” just one at the time?

I want to be able to use Gig Performer in the same way as waves SuperRack/multirack.

Well… everything has its limits.
How many musicians?

Do you mean using Gig Performer as a dedicated mixer?

If I understand right, you misunderstood the concept of Rackspace in GP. A rackspace hold a particular setting potentially for all the band. If you want to change this configuration you simply create it in another rackspace. If the member of your band don’t need to change their rackspace at the same time, then they can also rather use different GP instances (equivalent to open several time GP). e.g the drummer keep the same drumset for the whole song, while the keyboardist need settings for the verse and for the refrain.

You can use a separate GP instance for a different musician if you have different people playing and controlling their sound. Each instance will have its own set of rackspaces.

Thank you for the information.
Isn’t possible to run, let’s say 16 instances of gig performer?
For example
Instance 1: kick drum in
Instance 2: kick drum out
And so forth…

@partypizza213 I think you misunderstand what I mean by an “instance”.

If all you want is run some effects for your inputs - then just use a single GP application and connect the appropriate channels.

If you want to have different musicians perform using different instruments and effects then you can open multiple GP applications on the same computer to give different MUSICIANS their own control.

Did you download and try Gig Performer yet?

I was thinking as a insert strip on each input.

Max a 6 piece band:
Guitar x2
Keyboard stereo x2
4 vocals

We’re on in ear.

@partypizza213 thanks, but is your plan to use GP as a mixer where you can insert certain effects for each channel or do you want to have each musician have control over their rig within GP?

GP can be used as an FOH effects processor where you add your effects and route them from your inputs, through your effects into outputs. More commonly - GP is an entire music rig of an individual musician. If you’re a keyboard player - it contains all your sounds, synths etc… If you’re a guitar player it will have all your amps and pedals etc…

As I mentioned - best is to download it and try it making sure you read the manual.