Running a second instance on a PC

I have a Baby Face Pro which is multi client. However, when I try to run a second instance of Gig performer, the first instance closes down. I’ve read the manual and it seems simple, but doesn’t work for me. On PC, so what am I doing wrong?

did you enable multi instance support in gig performer and create an instance?

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I’ll check that and report back soon.

What are the exact steps you are doing here?

Multi support is turned on.

Well, I just tried opening “A new instance” and then importing an existing GP file into that new instance. And it worked. Is this the correct procedure? Also, is the file that opened in the new instance the exact same file as imported, or a copy? In other words, will it save back to the original imported existing file?

It is the same file. A new instance is a new instance of GP. It has its own settings, options etc, but the files can be reused across instances.

Thank you for clarifying. The more I use Gig Performer, the more it opens up to me, and the more awesome it becomes.