rtpMIDI has stopped reponding

I have rtpMIDI (Tobias) installed on my PC so that my iPad can send wireless midi info. Just lately, the connection has stopped communicating. How can I find out if this is a Windows problem? In the past I would just rebuild Windows. However, I have been chided on this forum for doing just that, with posters saying I shouldn’t be doing rebuilds that often. The point is, communication was steady not that long ago, now its gone off. I would appreciate any advice here please.

The first question to ask is, what changed on your system? Was there a Windows update, an anti-virus update, etc? Some new application installed? Any of these things could in principle screw things up (the last by replacing files that rtpMIDI uses).

Have you asked about this issue on the rtpMIDI support forums? You certainly should not have to rebuild Windows to fix this — it might be the case though that reinstalling just the rtpMIDI stuff might fix the problem.

On the other hand, you should first check that your wifi stuff is still correctly configured.

I couldn’t find a support forum for this specific software.
Regarding Windows rebuilds. I have found in the past that things can go wrong unexpectedly. Perhaps this has happened here, as nothing changed much that I can recall. Anyway, I found an image fie from December 11th last year so have installed that. I think things are back to normal again. Thanks for the help.