Routing to FOH and Power Amp/Cab

Has anyone ever done this? Usually when I use a modeler (Fractal, Helix, etc) I will send one output to FOH and one out to a power amp and 4x12 cabinet. I will split the outs so one has a cab sim on and one has the tone without the cab sim.

I feel like most interfaces have a balanced out or TRS and power amps are usually expecting TS instrument level. Also, the routing should be pretty easy within gig performer but haven’t tried that yet.

Some amplifiers have the possibility to connect just before the amplifier (usually just before the main volume). At that point line level is expected. To connect a balanced output at that point, just don’t connect the negative out.

If you have an amplifier that isn’t a valuable classic box and a modification wouldn’t be a problem, you can easily add an extra input yourself.