Roli Studio Player

is anyone using Roli Blocks with GP? I’ve been using them for a few different things (mostly drum pads), but Roli offers a plugin called Studio Player that offers a “best of” presets of their various synths. One nice thing it does is change the “mode” of the pads to visually match what the preset calls for. Basically, I normally have one of the blocks set up as a drum pad and if I load up Studio player, it changes to the melodic blocks as soon as I open the plugin.

The problem is that whenever the plugin GUI closes, it flips back to the drum layout. Has anyone used this combination before? I don’t necessarily think it’s a problem with GP, but it’s really the only way I can recreate the behavior.

And obviously it is not what you want…

If the plugin communicates with the hardware through MIDI, perhaps it is possible to block its MIDI connection before closing its window and enable it again once it is closed. It is very strange, but if you can find a « manual » workaround, it will be possible to do it automatically by scripting.