Roli Equator and Strobe2 not found?


Hi One enthusiastic new Gig Performer user here…
Love the program - so much easier and processor friendly than Mainstage!
Use it on Mac (home) and PC (Studio) - at home I have the Roli Equator and Stobe2 MPE plugins… Both are apparently not recognized within Gig Performer…
Is anyone else having the same problem??


Did you Scan in Plug In Manager?


Are they 64 Bit?


They can not be found in Plugin Manager - I assumed they were 64 bits… starting to doubt now - will check asap - thanks for the fast reply!!


They should be visible after you Scan.


Ya I understand and as far as I can tell all other plugins are, but not these two… don’t think there even is anything else but 64 bits versions of those plugins for Mac but will see if I can check somehow!


I think I’ll clear cache and remove GP preferences and scan again - see if that changes anything…


Right… removed settings - in the old settings I could see those plugins were blacklisted…
Have just now gone through scanning again (had done that earlier as well while old setting was still there)

After new scan the plugins are seen and I can put them in a rack!!

Could it be that there has been some sort of network-problem before so the plugins could not reach their websites to check for legitimacy?
What could reasons for blacklisting normally be?

Thanks for thinking with me!


We request that plugins instantiate themselves so we can get information about them. If they don’t respond within a reasonable time frame, we give up (otherwise GP could hang forever waiting for a broken plugin to validate, thereby making pointless the whole point of checking to see if a plugin is ok!)

We have no control over why they might not respond on time. Networking, missing libraries, wrong format, etc…


I just tried this with Strobe2 and had no issues. Both VST and AU versions got scanned and are available.


I understand… so apparently the process for those two took too long! Thanks… clear!


Thanks for checking! They work with me too now!! Something must have gone in an earlier stage…