Roland Zenology Plugs Out Of Pitch (sample rate?)

Ok… i just played a bit around to hopefully encounter the described issue…
My system is a i7 @4GHz / 32GB RAM / WIN 10 / Focusrite Scarlett Solo on USB and i use the latest version of GP4.
First of all i reconfigured my audiosettings to 44.100/128 and then i created some rackspaces with each containing a Zenology instance and another plugin playing layered, so that if there was a miss-pitching, i should hear it easily.
I played along, switched rackspaces, changed patches, having Youtube playing in the background, I also closed GP and reopened it… no problems at all. Everything running smoothly.
I will try that gig file from time to time, maybe it missbehaves someday, but so far: No problems.

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Thanks for giving it a try. It is very intermittent and I have had times where I sat down and played with it for an hour with no problem at all. Other times I have gone into it and it manifests immediately. And yet other times, things are going fine and I switch to something and all of a sudden something is Out Of pitch LOL. It’s a very frustrating one because there seems to be no pattern to it.

Sounds to me like these plugins (or some of them) are just terribly buggy.
I think that if this was a Gig Performer issue, then every plugin in the world would be causing a similar issue.

Sounds to me like these plugins (or some of them) are just terribly buggy.
I think that if this was a Gig Performer issue, then every plugin in the world would be causing a similar issue.

I agree … just hoping we can find a pattern so I can report to Roland

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Yes, that’s the idea I think.

So - I still have no repeatable steps, but there are some things that tend to raise the likelihood it will happen. these include:

  • going to wiring view and editing, opening, adding new Zen plug or changing setting on it.
  • wiring view seems more problematic than set list view
  • opening GP4 when it auto loads rack space with the zen plugs

Again - none of these always (or even most of the time) causes it - they just seem to increase likelihood LOL! I have found a bit of a “remedy” which is that if it occurs, I go to a song or rack space where no Zen plugs are loaded and the predictive load isn’t loading any either, then go back to the song/rack-space that was having a problem so it reloads. 95%+ of the time that will fix it, and then the whole things seems to behave pretty well from then on as long as I’m not doing those risky behaviors listed above, which will be the case when I’m on a gig and only going down the set list.

Me thinks you should not use Zen plugins for your shows!

UPDATE. Someone at the Roland Cloud FB forum reported having the same issue with Main-stage and a Mac. This pretty clearly puts the ball in Roland’s court, although I still wish I could find reproducible steps to be able to point them in the right direction. It is definitely a sample rate issue where Zenology must be defaulting at different points to 48K instead of checking with the host and/or is not processing some message correctly about the sample rate and is just going with its default.

I got a new Zenology update this morning after having been away for the better part of a week. For quite a while I though they must have fixed it, because I had no problems … until I finally did. sigh … the one thing positive I can say is that once I fart around unloading/reloading Zenology plugs and it fixes itself, it generally works from then on out during that session until I close GP and reopen it another time.

I also found people using Logic complaining about the same. Did you try to contact Roland about this issue? (If you do tell them also that pro life musicians cannot use their plugins with a lifetime key as they require an Internet reconnection every month :confounded:)

IMPORTANT new info. A couple days ago, I tuned off predictive loading for reasons unrelated to this thread. However, what I have discovered is that I have NOT had a single instance of the pitch (sample rate) problem since doing so, and I’ve gone up and down all my rackspaces and songs 20 times or more. Now - it may still appear, but so far this seems to be good news for me and an important technical discovery.

It would be good to see if the others who’ve had this problem had predictive loading on, and if turning it off makes a difference for them too.

The idea could now be to duplicate the rackspaces to get a sufficient number of them and activate the predictive loading to see if the issue occur. :face_with_monocle:

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We were in touch with Roland and I just got a message from them and it sounds like this is the same issue which is now addressed. Perhaps you could try the new version and let us know

The following bugs have been fixed in the current public version (v.1.64, build17563). It was released to the public in 2021/10.

  • Using plural ZENOLOGY instances by duplicating a track might cause the wrong pitch.

Yeah I think I’m already on that version and it certainly has behaved much better since then. When I switched away from predictive loading, I haven’t had the problem a single time since, but I had also done. Upgrade around the same time so it’s hard to say which did what. I could swear though that I had the problem at least once or twice after upgrading Roland but before switching away from predictive loading, but I don’t really remember for sure… all I can say is I haven’t had the problem in quite a while now. Thanks for the info!

Predictive loading should not impact this —

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