Roland wireless MIDI WM-1 and WM-1D

Has anyone tried the Roland WM-1 and in particular the WM 1D together? My understanding is that with the use of the latter, it’s better than bluetooth? Is that the case?

In what exactly should it be better?

Do you know this? (also 3ms latency)

I do know about it but i don’t know how it compares with the Roland – I’m skeptical of Bluetooth behaving itself, particular as you move around.

I used to have a MIDIJet system (100-500ft distance) system which was brilliant and apparently they have a new version that has USB support but it’s much more expensive than these other items - which of course leaves one wondering if there’s a reason it’s more expensive (or the others are cheaper)

I’ve found bluetooth barely works across a room!

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The Roland system is bluetooth too.

I know - but it seems to have some “extra” mechanism if you use that dongle – but it’s unclear to me what exactly is going on.

CME claims that the new Roland dongle compares to their older dongle, while they now have a newer one. But it is CME…

I use the PandaMidi Midibeam V2. Extremely low latency and works great. It runs on 2.4GHZ, not bluetooth. Significantly less money than the midijet. I haven’t used a MidiJet, but looking at their website, I’d say the MidiJet build quality/materials are probably a bit better than the Midibeam. midiBeam v2 — MIDI products by pandaMidi.


I love this quote from their site (my emphasis)

The system is able to transfer standard MIDI messages to a maximum of 250+ meter distance safely, with less than a minimum latency.

Did you expect it could also transmit at a distance being more than a maximum distance? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I also own the Panda MIDIBeam, but it is a bit bigger than the CME bluetooth and need batteries on the sender.

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This looks very interesting.

So you are always before the beat?


I’m doing some modifications to my Roland AX-1. I’m looking at moving the Pandamidi Midibeam transmitter into the AX-1 and having the power button turn both of them on. Single set of batteries…