Roland Sound Canvas VA freezes / Lost Program Changes

On my computer ther dates are changing automatically from one day to the next :slight_smile:
I am shure that I don’t have set the date manually back because this causes problems with the
domain controller. The only thing that could be, is that the date was corrected by an NTP Time
Server, but this can only be some seconds.

Sent you a PM with some instructions. Please respond there about the trial. Thanks

Hello again, I’ve played a little bit with GP and it works with program changes and also with Sound Canvas. But at all, the VST-Plugins from Roland have not the quality as I expected (Tested Sound Canvas and XV-5080). Sounds are ok, but the CPU usage is at a (in my opinion) high level. Other PlugIns (Steinberg, Native Instruments, ASS, Waldorf) didn’t create so much CPU load. Is this a problem of my (PC)-configuration or is this a known behaviour of the Roland PlugIns named above?
The emulated hardware is over 20 years old, so that it should be a snap for modern computers …


My own experience is that the Roland plugins are extremely CPU intensive.

OK, so I think that it’s a problem of their implementation, and not a problem of my PC.

Yes - I’m on a Mac and have seen the same thing. Generally, in this situation, if a plugin is making a sound that you love but it’s too “expensive”, I sample it into Kontakt and use it that way.


My experience over the years is Roland has tried to get into and out of the “software” side of the business a number of times, pulled back, gone back in, etc.

Like a lot of software companies, when they pull back they don’t “delete” the software they previously developed. They just leave it out there, closer to “abandoneware” then “supported software.”

Sound Canvas, despite being available today through Roland Cloud, is still abandonware from my point of view. I haven’t touched it in at least five years, but even then it struck me as dated and unsupported.

Roland is now trying to make a software comeback again, this time centralizing on the Zenology/Zen-Core platform. The idea there is to have a common platform where Zenology (the VSTi) patches will sound exactly the same as those on the hardware synths. Kind of like what Line 6 is doing with Helix. Software and hardware all running a common platform so you can move patches seamlessly across hardware and software.

The net result today, from my experience, is that older Roland VSTs that don’t fit neatly into the Zenology/Zen-Core platform may still be available and supported on Roland Cloud, but they results can be mixed.

I like Zenology, and that’s clearly where their development efforts are focused. But that’s still a work in progress. In my experience it’s not any more of a CPU hog than any other analog synth modeler package (e.g. Arturia Analog Lab V) but I say that with the caveat that I’m a “try the presets, find a few I like” kind of user when it comes to analog synths.

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Thank you @Vindes for this historical analysis, that’s the feeling I had, but I was not sure about it as I missed the early days of Roland plugins. I am still owning a JX-8P :wink: