Roland concerto plug ins not working

Hi i have so rackspaces set up with some roland concerto sounds. All worked fine , then next time i has no sound, so i set up alternative plug ins to cover sounds i needed. Next time i started up gp they worked again.
Tonight at rehearsals i have lost most of my concerto sounds again. I just understand what on earth is happening . I dont lose every concerto sound just the majority? Any help greatly appreciated

Are these plugins from the Roland cloud by chance?

I would love to use Roland plugins, but even with a lifetime key you have to have a monthly connection with their server, which is a no go to me. Having said that, it seems that the Roland Concerto is an older Roland product and I am not sure they still offer support to it. But anyway, there is probably a licensing issue with this plugin. Did you make an Internet connection with your GP computer recently? This specific plugin probably needs to call home…

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I also have some rackspaces with Roland Sound Cloud plugins (and some others with plugins from AIR Music)… all of those i don’t trust very much. So i actually think about just using an autosampler and just make a Kontakt-instrument of those particular rackspace sounds.
If that should work in a satisfactory way, i could quit Roland Cloud which would save quite an amount of money (which i could spend then on other plugins :wink: :smiley: ).


Yes roland cloud

Yes ive logged in to roland cloud

If you reload the Concerto plugin patch does it work again ?

No. If i go into wiring and then open plug in. Nothing will make a sound but it shows different patches etc but no sound

Is it a simple set up in regular rackspaces. Are they in the Gobal Rackspace? Are you using OSC?

Simple rack spaces
I dont know what osc is so i dont think i am using it lol
Its weird because some concerto racks will work but not all of them.

According to a google search, Roland has discontinued this Concerto thing and according to some comments on Reddit, some stuff just stopped working.

Its weird as some didnt work at rehearsal last night but when i tried at home they all worked.
The only difference is at rehearsal i used my m audio keystation 88
And at home my m audio keystation mini 32.

Ive tried to change the midi input to make sure its not that but even when i select keystation 88 some dont sound?

So after some various testing. It appears the plug ins that dont work, only dont work with my keystation 88? Any ideas?

Midi channel?

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Yes, that’s the obvious reason. I would guess (and you could verify by opening the global midi monitor) that your other keyboard is not sending on channel 1.

Some plugins will respond to ANY channel and others only respond on a single channel and that would certainly explain your issue.

You can remap your incoming channel with the MIDI In block

Yep, I use to get confused whenever I used a sample library in Kontakt (pretty often) and I would not hear anything. This was because, by default, Kontakt has a certain way of mapping to a particular channel and my rig is set up to receive midi data from my main controlller on MIDI Channel 3 (there is a reason for this).

So, I suspect this might be a simple “user error” situation. (Believe me, I’ve been there!).


Thanks guys.
So i did a factory reset on the keystation 88 and now seem to have them all working. I’ll definitely look into the midi channel theory though

Hmm, I wish you had opened the global midi monitor to see what it was sending before you reset. That way we could have validated the theory.

Unfortunately id already done the reset before seeing the message otherwise id have definitely been interested aswell

It’s highly likely that a factory reset did switch the keyboard back to using channel 1

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