Roland BK 9 arranger keyboard

I have a Roland BK 9 arranger keyboard, that I would like to use as a sound module for a midi file. I then want to record the BK output as an audio file. I spent a lot of time trying to get the BK 9 making sounds but I could not get any sounds at all. Any suggestions?

From a conceptual point of view, it should be done like this:

  • In the wiring view add the midi file player
  • Load a midi file
  • In the wiring view add a midi out port (a physical one or its alias when you use rigmanager)
  • Connect the midi out from the player to the midi out port
  • Connect midi-in of the BK 9 to the physical midi out of your setup
  • Start playback of the midi player

In the global midi window of gp you should see midi data being sent to the output and you should be able to hear the BK 9 playing your midi file.

If that works, you can hook up the outputs of the BK 9 with the audio inputs you use with gp. Gp can record that for you. Because I’m not behind my computer, I cannot tell you exactly how, but it’s in the manual.

I hope this provides some helpful pointers for you, but I doubt it, because, if I remember well, you’re not really new to all this :grimacing:


When I started with GP a while back, I was determined to never use another midi file. But I’ve swung back a bit recently because some of my older midis sound better than the programming I’ve tried to do myself. But this time around they will be used as audio tracks. So, yes I am new to midi files within GP. Two questions please:

  1. Is it possible to view the individual tracks?
  2. Is there a mixer page for the individual tracks for volume
    and pan?

As gas as I know: no, MIDI file player is only a player.

Well, the MIDI file player is only supposed to play a MIDI file, i.e. send midi message. If you are using plugin to produce the sound, associate them with a GP mixer. If you are rather using an external hardware instrument, then you will probably have to send CC7 messages to each MIDI channel. And sending a CC7 message on a specific channel with GP (widgets mapped to CC7 parameters of the outgoing MIDI block) is something you should be able to do, I guess.

Yeah, I just figured that out. To make a big problem smaller, I’ve gone back to the BK 9 built in sequencer and adjusted the volumes from there. It’s a lot easier and it’s working out fine. Many thanks to those who contributed.