Rodecaster Pro ii as all in one interface?

Hi there, At present I’m using a Motu M4 and a Behringer X Touch controller with my Roland xp80…+ GP…which provides me with one fader and dials.

I just noticed the Rodecaster Pro 2 comes with faders…and seems to have lots of inputs and outputs.

Would this be a potential option as a dula purpose audio interface and fader control surface? (+ Also a portable audio recorder on top of it)

Seems like potentially a great option…or would there be some features that the Motui M4 still has ahead of it as a more dedicated unit?

I guess the other option is to drop the cash on a new midi controller keyboard.with built in controllers and faders etc…but…there is just something about the old Roland Xp80 that I quite like! (not to mention in a pinch I still have built in sounds if needed as a back up)

So hence I wonder about the Rodecaster Pro. Anyone used one of these?

It doesn’t look like they are MIDI faders (only control the audio channels).

Aim is audio mix/record - podcasts and simplicity - no mention of MIDI; even the MAKIE DLZ.

Only one L/R output is very little and about MIDI: only pads can send midi messages.
This is dedicated to podcasters and streamers.

Thanks for the comments all… I can see only 2 out is a limitation.

Doesn’t this website indicate it can control midi in a Daw or Gig Performer?

Anyway sounds like it’s not the best solution for us with GP


It can control functions in a DAW or software using the MIDI protocol.

From what I have read in the manual, faders can only control the faders of a DAW through MIDI.
Pads, likewise, can only send scene presets.
These are not MIDI controllers but specific remote commands via MIDI.

This is perfect, nothing to change :wink:

And I think the all-in-one audio interface/MIDI controller/coffee machine has yet to be invented. :nerd_face:

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Thank you for the clarification… I shall stick with what I have

I think I was dazzled by the pretty lights and shiny faders!

It does look pretty:)


This one seems closer to the all-in-one…