Robin Tournemenne

Dr Robin Tournemenne is a research engineer at Modartt focusing on the piano and other instruments modelling. His skills range from (Psycho)Acoustics to Numerical Methods and Experimental Science.

Robin pursues research in Acoustics and Signal processing and has strong knowledge in the acoustic of resonators, and the definition/resolution of inverse problem relying on simulations, notably based on the Monte Carlo method. He is also highly interested in Psychoacoustics and how humans perceive their sonic environment. Regarding the Signal processing, his skills range from supervised classification, analysis of 3D-surfaces, to time-frequency methods (spectrogram, wavelets).

It would be great if this expert explained how Pianoteq works and something about physical modelling, wouldn’t it? :slight_smile:

Voila, here is a Backstage with Gig Performer episode featuring Robin Tournemenne:

In this episode you will learn about interesting concepts such as sympathetic resonance, comparison with sample based models and more.

As a bonus, there is a 10% discount if you are a Gig Performer user to buy Pianoteq and vise-versa (check out the description of the YouTube video above).

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