RME TotalMix snapshot control

I’m trying to have GP control the snapshots of RME Totalmix for my Babyface interface.
I play bass, and I have a setup involving outboard effects into GP and into a poweramp/bass-cabinet.
I want a Rackspace for outboard efx only, ie no GP and no micro-latency when GP is not involved, so I have setup the Totalmix to route the input to the output in snapshot 2 (Software playback muted), and input muted and software playback open in snapshot 1 for GP sounds.

As far as I can learn from RME forums, snapshots can be controlled via note on messages on midi channel 1. I am assuming I should be sending these note messages via a midi out plugin set to RME babyface, but I can’t get it working

Has anybody done this and be willing to walk me through the process?

Windows 10 64 bit, latest Gig performer



Maybe that helps?


My guess is it might be easier to do with OSC than MIDI.

Perhaps @David-san can chime in on this, as I believe he uses GP to control his RME interface fairly extensively.

To do it with OSC you first have to enable OSC in GigPerformer and TotalMix RX. Then to control the changing of snapshots you just need to set up widgets for each snapshot you want to switch between. Probably easiest to do this using DIrectOSC and setting up the widgets as “momentary touch”.

The Direct OSC messages you have to send to TotalMix FX to change snapshots are:

/3/snapshots/8/1   - changes to snapshot one
/3/snapshots/7/1   - changes to snapshot two
/3/snapshots/6/1   - changes to snapshot three

Here’s what the Advanced tab of such a widget looks like for me. This one is for selecting snapshot 2.

Doing it all with MIDI is possible, and maybe easier if you want to use an external controller to do it. If you want to do it out of GigPerformer I think you’d first need to set up virtual midi ports. Given the ease of doing it with OSC, that seems like the easier way to me.

That’s at least what I also do and it is very convenient.

If I remember well you need to add 1 as a parameter to toggle the snapshot:
/3/snapshots/8/1 1 - changes to snapshot one

No time to check now, I have a rehearsal, and I am already a bit late… :wink:

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You are correct.

It requires a parameter type as “float” and a 1 to select the snapshot. This seems to be the default for the various GP button type widgets, so they normally work if set up like the widget Advanced tab image I posted above. But I just checked other parameter types (integer, string, values other than 1) and only float 1 seems to work.

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Wow, thanks guys!
Been a while since I dabbled with osc, but do I need a network to use it or will it work self-contained, ie no Lan or wifi?

If GP and TotalMix Fx are on the same computer, simply use the IP on both side and it will work.

:slight_smile: Pulling whats left of my hair here…:slight_smile: (see supplied screenshots)

So, in the OSC setup, I have fild the fields like this

In the Totalmix settings like this:

Then in the widget settings I only manage to get this, and it’s not communicating with anything.

Where am I going wrong? If you have the patience and time, pretend you’re talking to a 3 year old…

Again if GP and TM FX are on the same PC pu everywhere. So, if for any reason the external IP changes it will go on working without changing anything to your config. But, that’s not the issue here…

I see from your screenshot that you didn’t activate the Show Direct Adressable OSC, please do it. Then, you will be able to replicate the screenshot of @vindes. The OSC/GPScript Name is not what you want to use here. As you probably noticed, you cannot set the proper OSC address from here.

Perfect! Thanks so much, this helped a lot! And sorry for the basic oversight, I don’t normally use OSC.

Should we understand that your problem is solved?


Yes, thank you very much guys!