RME Babyface Pro overload


I’m very new with the Babyface Pro, so am asking for advice here.
I took it out to a gig recently and halfway through the first song, my computer screen went red as GP lost connection. I noticed that the Babyface had overloaded and was showing red lights. I havent tried it since, but hope that it is ok. Ive probably pushed the levels too high within GP. I know some kick drum samples hit the red at times, and occasionally other instruments hit the yellow. Would all of these high signals have summed together to cause the shut down? Should I look for a limiter plugin to prevent this happening again?
Any advice here will be much appreciated.



Try plugging a compatible power adapter into the babyface and see if this helps. I do with mine as i run alot of stuff from my usb ports.



the audio levels should never be responsible for an audio interface shutdown - especially not an RME interface.

As @onkeyz suggested - your issue is most likely your USB hub (if you are using one). Make sure it’s a good quality one and powered. All kinds of issues can surface because of a poor USB hub and one of these interfaces.

Also - what are the sample rate / buffer size you were using (just curious)



The only real issue I had with my RME UCX, was when using a bad quality third party USB cable. As I make no difference between good and bad USB cables, from now, I use the RME USB cable even if it is a bit long for my application. I never figured out that a USB cable can be faulty, but it is the case.

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I just recently bought a Microsoft Docking Station to use with my Surface Pro. This is the cradle type unit no longer made, not the brick that sits on the floor. It supplies extra USB ports and power to the Surface Pro. I guess you could say it’s a powered hub? I had the Babyface Pro plugged into the docking station - perhaps I should plug it directly into the Surface USB three port which is no longer used. Any further thoughts are welcome. Trouble is, I had a run through with all ten songs in the setlist and everything functioned just fine. Come the performance and the BfP shut down half way through the first song. So it’s hard to figure when and if it might happen again.
Oh, nearly forgot. My sample rates are 44.1 and 256 as suggested by others in another posting.



Hey everybody, the problem is solved. Turned out to be a corrupted GP file. I loaded in a back up and the song played fine all the way through. Many thanks for all the input and suggestions.



I think you have reported quite a few times over the last year that problems you were having were due to a corrupted gig file. But I don’t quite understand why/how your gig files keep getting corrupted.



Yes you are right. I have reported several times. I wonder if I’m pushing GP harder than intended. For instance, a song may have four or five Real Guitars (the instrument I use most) panned across the spectrum, plus a drum vst and perhaps an organ or strings coming in at the chorus. In addition my iPad is sending all kinds of midi info such as volume, mute, organ rotary speed, drum fills etc. I am a solo performer and need all this happening in real time. It’s the way I want to do things as it’s more interactive than using a straight out midi file. With all the required midi info flying around wirelessly, I guess accidents will happen (like the one I just reported) from time to time. I have learned now to keep my gig files small - just one sets worth for an hours playing (19 songs for a hour). By keeping the set small, it is no problem to reload if a glitch does happen. This latest lurch has made me realise that small sets are best for quick loading between breaks.