RME Baby Face Pro XLR weird entry

Hey guys,
Arrggg I bought a second hand Babyface Pro, I like it very much but one problem :
The XLR output ‘socket’ are so loose. Why is that ??
It’s bad !!!
No ?

I have never seen an XLR which is loose… :thinking:

I agree. Mine are almost difficult to pull out.

Do you mean the XLR socket that is part of (mounted inside) of the interface? It’s entirely possible that whatever fasting mechanism is used has come loose. If you can open up the RME, you can check it yourself. You bought it used, so it may be out of warranty anyway.

No guys it’s a thing a lot of people are talking about on other forums.
It’s normal apparently, it is made si that it doesn’t fall if someone walks into the câbles … !


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«Yes, RME responded to my email and said this is normal and there is no locking mechanism. They said if there was the device could be pulled off a table accidently and damaged.»
Crazy :smiley:

That’s why I normally place mine on the floor and carefully route the cables…

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Someone needs to invent a new version of XLR that works the same way as the old Macbook laptops did for power with that magnetic connector!

You heard it here first!


That’s weird.

Mine on my Babyface Pro are very tight. Because they’re on the back and I have to lean a bit over my desk to reach it, they’re quite hard to get out. There’s no way they would pull out if kicked or stepped on unless I had the Babyface fastened down somehow.

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Indeed that’s weird.
Hum… Maybe it depends on what kind of XLR you have ? What’s your brand ? I’m interested in the one that would permit to have a firm socket !

The XLRs I’m using with my BabyFace Pro are Pig Hog and Monoprice.

Both are tight, but the way I’m set up right now I have the Monoprice cables connected to my XLR inputs on the Babyface, and those are a bit tighter than the Pig Hog cables in the XLR outs. I can’t really say whether that’s due to differences in the cables or differences in the jacks on the BabyFace.