Ripchord plugin

Hi all I wonder if anyone can help. Ive downloaded ripcord oto Mac and trying to open it in gig performer v4 but it won’t open , will it work in v4
regards Steve

Works fine with GP 4 on a Mac.

You kinda need to give more information beyond “it won’t work” if you’re expecting any help.

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Hi of course so sorry for not explaining. When I click on ripcord in the download it opens gig performer 3 on my Mac and a pop up box says


This file was created with a MAJOR new version of back view with ZOOMING is not supported in this version. Gig performer will attempt to adjust your block positions automatically but they may need manual adjustments.
Other features and settings that are not available in this version of GP will not work.
Please consider updating your GP to the latest version.

well I do have the latest version and don’t use GP3.
hope this helps anyone in trying to solve this for me
kind regards

It sounds like what you’re opening is a gig file, not a plugin installer.

On my Mac I had to manually associate gig files to be opened in GP4 (rather than GP3), because this didn’t happen by default when I installed GP4.

You’re not supposed to click on it in the download — did you actually read the instructions on their website?

“To install Ripchord on a Mac, drag the “Ripchord.vst3” file into your system’s VST3 folder as pictured below. If you do not see a folder called “VST3” at that location, you have to create the folder yourself. If you’re a Logic Pro user, drag the file called “Ripchord.component” into your system’s Components folder. Some DAWs, such as Ableton, require an additional step of enabling VST3s in the DAW’s preferences. Official docs from Steinberg can be found here: Mac VST3 Folder

The download is a compressed zip file which you have to open and then copy the appropriate files.

Hi thanks for your help. Ive now managed to put ripcord into vst folder, but how do I know open it in gig performer I can’t see it in there. regards Steve

Did you have Gig Performer scan for new plugins? Did you put ripchord in the correct VST folder?

Hi, Thank you helping me, you were correct I had the scan for new plugins box unchecked. I checked the box restarted GP and there it was just as you said. Once again thank you. regards Steve


I cant get it to work
How can I validate a plugin???

Remove the red entry and validate again.
Are you using the 64 bit version?

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I am on MacOs Sonoma.
Anyway, I deleted the vst file and replaced it with a new one and now its ok!

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