Rig Design Editor is ugly

Is there a possibility to adjest the design by using exact sizes of knobs, leds etc.? Is it possible to have a raster, to lock elements on it?

The software itself is great, but the designer is not good for me (But usable).

Thanks in advance

Hi @Toni82, welcome to the family.

Right now there is no grid.
You can select multiple widgets and give all the same size.
The first selected widget determines the size.

What do you mean by exact sizes?

Did you see the “make same size” option appear when you select several widgets?
Did you also see that you can align and distribute widgets when several widgets are selected?
This tools are what vector graphics pros use for their design, perhaps it could be something for you too.

And welcome to the GP community. :wink:

Hey Paul,

thank you. That I tried with one of the selected items. But to use the first selected I didn’t tested… I will try it.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you also David,

no, I did’nt recognized that there is an opportunity to “make same size”. I also will check that out.

Maybe it were good, when each element has the parameter: position x,y and size x,y. Maybe as virtual 19" position in cm, not pixels… Or a grid.

Thank you again!

I just noticed that you’ve got almost the same advices from @pianopaul and me. So, I would propose you start with this and come back to expose your difficulties if it doesn’t work for you. There is no real scale for the GP rackpanels, it should simply look good to your eyes. Follow your feeling, align distribute and I am pretty sure you will achieve good results. Let us know :wink:

I check that out, and it works for me…

So it is possible to create nice Racks…

Thank you both!