Rhodes VST Vines


Anybody tried this?



I have it and it sounds nice. It has very good reviews. I also have Velvet 2 which I bought in a bundle from Air and it sounds very similar. Not sure if one is any better than the other.


I’m still using Lounge Lizard — sometimes feeding it into a phaser from Overloud’s TH3 effects plugin.
There’s also the rhodes addon pack for Pianoteq which is very good.

Are any of these other ones significantly better?


I have it. It’s very good and there’s a lot of tweekability that I haven’t delved into yet. However, for me, Scarbee ex88 and the Sonic Coutoure Canterbury Suitcase are both better libraries.


I second the Scarbee EP-88s. Of all of the sampled EPs I own, the EP-88s is the best.

For modeled EPs, I put on my Nehru jacket and play the Lounge Lizard!


I vote for @ursmueller :+1:

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