Rhodes V8 Pro

Wow… what a dream this VST is. I’ve played with Aurturia’s very decent Stage 73 for a couple years now but this Rhodes V8 is another level. The pro is very cutomizable… per note timbre control, micro tunings, etc…

It’s on discount now… i’m going to sleep on it but it’s very tempting.

It’s also very efficent… runs at about 9% GP reported CPU compared to Aurturia’s at around 15%.

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I wonder how it compares with Lounge Lizard?

there’s a thread here on that… i’ve never tried LL so I can’t opine on that.

I’d say this Rhodes v8 is worth a look for any one who plays a lot of that kind of tone.

Exactly what I was thinking. Lounge Lizard and/or Pianoteq have always fit the bill for me in this department.

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