Rhodes V8 Pro App problem

I used GP4 yesterday, practicing and playing for about 4 hours. Never had an issue in the last 2 years.
This morning, I set up my keys in church, and GP4 would not open, nothing has changed, nothing updated, it just crashes on opening any existing GP file. I can’t get into it to open a new one.
I downloaded and installed a new version this morning hoping it may help, but didn’t, it still attempts to open an existing file and just crashes.

Not sure what to do…?

Mac is MacBook Pro 13" running Ventura 13.6.1
Maybe try installing Sonoma 14.1.1?

Start GP while pressing the SHIFT key.

  • Temporary Startup Options

The first tip is related to Gig Performer’s startup. Namely, if you hold the Shift key down while starting Gig Performer and keep it down until you see Gig Performer start up, you will invoke the Temporary Startup Options dialog:

Temporary Startup Options in Gig Performer 4

Don’t do that.

If GP has been working fine for years then something changed.
If the application became corrupted, you should delete it before trying to reinstall a new copy as MacOS won’t overwrite an existing executable if it’s the same version.

If it crashed, there should be a crash report that you could post so we can see more.

GP4 Crash report.pdf (379 KB)

I have uploaded the crash report.
The hold Shift advice from @David-san has allowed me to open GP4 and create a new file. IN that I have run the plugin manager and it has failed 3 plugins - that are existing - use the all the time, and have not been updated.

Your Ivory is crashing.
For a test:
Start gig performer
In the plugin manager window disable all versions of ivory and then load your gig file.

I did as you suggested, disabled all Ivory instances, but still crashed

Ok, please restart Gig Performer and test again.
Can you upload a screenshot where it is shown that ivory is disabled?
When you still get a crash, please upload the crash report

Though, now it doesn’t give me the window about the crash report

But it crashes?

yep, I think its got bored.
I searched searchlight for ‘crashes’ and didn’t find anything - will it be put somewhere?

There is an application called Konsole (on my German Mac)
With this you should be able to search for the crash report

You must update Ivory.
See here: [blog] How to find out which plugin crashed Gig Performer - #26 by npudar

In their last update, they fixed the crash in Ivory.

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Did it start loading samples from a hard drive when it stopped?

One thought: I would double check usb cables are connected right.


I’ll have a look

I’ll try that (although I’m not windows as their problem suggests). Thanks

no USB cables attached. It crashes while loading the many instruments, could tell you when

That was a Windows crash – I will forward this Mac crash report to them


The report suggests the AU version crashed – have you tried the VST3 version?

I generally prefer VSTs over AUs, yes, even on Mac. I think they get tested on a much wider range of applications than the AU version.

Used the updated VST3 version in the plugins 3.0.2 - crashed.
(ivory is fine standalone - and confirmed it is 3.0.2)

It’s not giving me an option of the crash report anymore. Anyone know how I can find it?

Did you try using the console app on mac?

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