Reverb recommendations

I’m looking for recommendations for a classy, smooth-sounding reverb for keyboard sounds. An all rounder, go to plug-in. The built in reverbs on geforce ob-e, uvi synth anthology and some of the ni kontakt libraries are nice, but I’ve struggled to find a stand-alone that can shine. Any suggestions would be great.

Try Relab lx480
Or Hofa IQ reverb

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What a loaded topic. IMO users tend to fall into two broad categories - those who want a nice interface with plenty of presets and not interested in digging into the details/guts of the plugin to create the “right” sound and those who do. The camp you are in on this will steer your search.

I am a big Melda Productions fan, and fortunately they offer a number of free plugins including a reverb. The paid versions have some really nice interfaces and presets, but you can definitely have a go with the free version to see if that’s of interest. I like them though because you can drill down into whatever technical corner you’d like to investigate. You can also search KVR and a number of other aggregators and market places too that have free plugins. WRT paid versions I’m still a big Melda fan, but I do use NI Raum on occasion, and once in awhile I use one of the Waves plugins which regularly go on sale at big discounts. You have a number of options!

There are a big number of keyboard players here, so I’m sure you will get many more recommendations to consider :slight_smile:

Effects: Reverb | MeldaProduction

Free effects | MeldaProduction


in my opinion users have different things in mind when looking for a Reverb.
and more important: we have different backrounds, some “have heard” quasi nothing,
some habe heard quasi everything.

some want a clean, natural sound,
some are totally “vintage” orientated.

ofcourse was no budget told ! thats unfortunate vs. giving suiting answers :wink:

a good starting point would be Valhalla,
here would the Vintage Verb make for a good universally usable starting ground.
it is affordable with $50 ( never sales ! allways this price)
all Valhallas are very good on the CPU !
its was just updated to V3 -for free- and incloudes now a Quantec inspired algo.
The whole licensing System works like a charm. plus you can resell easily !
many plus points vs. ValhallaDSP !

Valhalla has also a very great Delay.

And a freebe Reverb for you too: “Supermassive” ! …its quasi a must have.
NICE Reverb ! but more sort of a FX type of thing !..LOVED by many ! (its not hype)


otherwise for the top of the notch stuff:
Liquid sonics / Reverb foundry* ( * which was overtaken by the former)
Sevent Heaven professional, Taichi, Cinematic Rooms professional
( buy thses only at blackfriday sales / @ November )

everthing mentioned here has Demos available !
i mostoften don´t use my Valhalla plugins. But its probably the best starting point available, anyway if funds are a thing.

if you have the funds, really: LiquidSonics…!!! and never look back
These ar so so so easy to use, used also by the Hollywood guys.
Each of the three can do from early reflections - to roomy short - to ambienty looong.
with just the turn of one knob, AND would sound allways good !!
…thats so useful for any jamm duties.

others to mention:
AudioThing: “Fogconvolver 2”
goes for $29 at sales. (i´d guess, these run several times per year)
Has superb IR files. very great sounding !
just more static than algorythmic reverbs

thats the three places i would look at first.

If on a tight budget ?
i´d take Valhalla vintage Verb + -edit: eventually- fogconvolver2 @ a sale,
plus the freebee “Supermassive” from Valhalla, anyway.
Thats allready good for a looong and nice ride !

maybe worth a look:


Thank you for your thoughts on this one pianopaul, CruiseCycle, and Funky40, some really interesting products to follow up on. I guess ultimately a lot of this will be subjective, so I’ll take your recommendations and test them out. I’ll report back my findings in due course. Cheers!

+1 on Valhalla DSP VintageVerb, my favorite for sound quality, smooth lush sounds and no artifacts when changing controls real-time, a wide range of reverb types, control of key parameters, simple interface, and beautiful modulation. Price is right too.

If you’re able to do it, pair with the Valhalla Delay for similar reasons as above. For many keyboard sounds a good delay can be possibly more important than reverb.


I’m using the Valhalla and think it’s really great and useful.
And the Valhalla Delay is a good tool too!

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After a few weeks of trialling and deliberation, I settled on the Valhalla Vintage Verb - and have never looked back. For me, it’s the perfect balance of sound, usability, and cost. I just love it!


Convology XT Plugin. Lexicon 480, 300 and Bricasti M7 Pulses. I don’t know anything better for free