Reverb/Delays Trails/Spillover

Hi folks, im pretty new to Gig Performer.
Im trying to get reverb and delays to have some spill over after changing from a chorus to a verse part for example.
What i need is a script that can gradually decrease the volume of the reverb or delay.
All my plug ins go into an 8 track mixer in Gig Performer so i suppose the easiest thing would be a script to automate the channel vol on the mixer.
If thats not a possibility then a script to automate an extra gain control before or after the reverb/delay.
Does anyone have a script i can just straight up steal? I think eventually i can get my head around the scripting part but it’d be great to have something that works that i can scrutinize.

Is your chorus and verse sounds in the same rackspace or different rackspaces?

Gig Performer has spillover when changing rackspaces.

Otherwise, if using the same rackspace, you can put your reverb/delay in parallel to your dry signal, and have a gain plugin before the reverb/delay. If you then mute this gain plugin, it cuts the input signal to the reverb/delay, but still allows the tails.

Set the reverb/delay to 100% wet, and use a gain/mixer after the plugin to control its overall volume (or use a volume parameter within the plugin itself).

Thats super thanks. Is changing between rackspaces instant? Or more like changing a preset on a Line 6 Helix or something a second or 2 to change?

It will be instant as all rackspaces are loaded into memory (unless you use predictive loading).

However it still needs to do a very quick ramp up/ramp down as it transitions between them to avoid any clicks, which is noticeable if you are holding a guitar chord or note. If you have a quick pause in your playing it’s not noticeable.

Brilliant, the gain thing is amazing. pretty much simple solve to my problem. Is there any way of changing the length of that trail?
Thanks again

Double click the rackspace name in the left pane. The tail settings are there. I find input muting as 0s is best for guitar, as you want your DI to instantly switch to the new rackspace. Output can be as long as you want the tail from the old rackspace to be.

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