Return type of ReinterpretAs functions

Hi Gig Performer community,
this is my first post in this forum, so before I start asking questions I would like to thank you all, the excellent developers who created this fantastic software, and the great community which always provides top notch technical support.

So, here is my question. I started experimenting with GPScript and tried to use the ReinterpretAs functions.If I got it correctly, these functions should be used to cast a MidiMessage type variable to a more “specific” subtype like NoteMessage, ControlChangeMessage, etc.

However, from the GPScript manual it seems that all the ReinterpretAs functions actually return a NoteMessage type. I suppose this is correct for ReinterpretAsNoteOnMessage and ReinterpretAsNoteOffMessage functions, but is this correct also for the others? For example, should ReinterpretAsControllerMessage return a ControlChangeMessage type instead? or am I missing something?


Yes it should – you just found a bug!!!

I’m amazed this was never noticed before — thanks so much — will be fixed!