Request for review.... LOTS of midi inputs, a few extra midi outs


Okay, so I finally got back around to my live set rebuild in Gig Performer (moving from Forte). I have multiple songs with multiple key ranges and transpositions, plus of course mapping channel 1 from one controller to multiple channels and ranges on other plugins. Here is a screenshot of my rack. Do others here have similar ‘messes’ of multiple inputs and outputs in mapping both physical and virtual instruments? I ‘think’ this is the right way to accomplish this.



That’s not a mess.
Us old Forte users need to let go of that way of thinking and embrace the GP way. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good to hear. I ‘felt’ that was the case, but being as I haven’t done that much complex mapping yet, I wanted a second opinion. Thanks for the response. I agree it is time to let go of that way of thinking. I’m finally ready… and excited… can’t WAIT to do some interesting vocoder audio routing :smile: