Replace Plugin Crashing Gigperformer

I am running Sonoma 14.1.1 on an M1 Max. I have been updating my rackspaces with a larger mixer to add the streaming audio file player. However, when I do this Gigperformer crashes. The only work around I found is to load the larger mixer, rewire, label the channel and set the levels then delete the one I am replacing. Just wanted you to be aware.

Here is the crash report.
Gigperformer Crash Report_Replace Plugin.pdf (3.4 MB)

I looked at that crash report. The thread crashing is number 1259 (you must have a LOT of stuff there) and the item that is crashing is Kontakt 7

Thanks for the response. I use Kontakt 7 quite a bit. I did a test.
Rackspaces without Kontakt 7 - replace mixer plugins fine.
Rackspaces with Kontakt 7 with 2 or less stereo outputs from Kontakt - replace mixer plugins fine.
However, rackspaces with Kontakt 7 with 3 or more stereo outputs from Kontakt - crash every time.
This must be a Kontakt 7 issue?
Thanks again.

Below is the specific thread and you can see that Kontakt 7 is at the top and therefore the cause of the crash.
You could forward to NI but my sense is that Kontakt 7 is quite buggy — I’m personally sticking with Kontakt 6 for anything serious right now.

Thread 1259 Crashed::
0 Kontakt 7 0x145f114c3 NI::AB::ConstAudioBlock::freeOwnedBuffers() + 35
1 Kontakt 7 0x14475802e NI::AB::InterfaceVST3Headless::attachBuffersToHost(Steinberg::Vst::ProcessData&) + 910
2 Kontakt 7 0x14475a63e NI::AB::InterfaceVST3Headless::process(Steinberg::Vst::ProcessData&) + 1630

3 GigPerformer4 4 GigPerformer4 5 GigPerformer4 6 GigPerformer4 7 GigPerformer4 8 GigPerformer4 9 CoreAudio

0x102ae9fea 0x10231c000 + 8183786 0x102abb173 0x10231c000 + 7991667 0x102ab569a 0x10231c000 + 7968410 0x102b14b08 0x10231c000 + 8358664 0x102a256f4 0x10231c000 + 7378676 0x102a2122b 0x10231c000 + 7361067

0x7ff8173329f8 HALC_ProxyIOContext::IOWorkLoop() + 9652

0x7ff8a51e2a78 ???
0x7ff814ced9ea semaphore_wait_trap + 10

0x7ff814b85a6a _dispatch_sema4_wait + 16 0x7ff814b85f5f _dispatch_semaphore_wait_slow + 98


0x7ff81732fd5a invocation function for block in

10 CoreAudio
HALC_ProxyIOContext::HALC_ProxyIOContext(unsigned int, unsigned int) + 73

11 CoreAudio
12 libsystem_pthread.dylib 13 libsystem_pthread.dylib

0x7ff8174bd60e HALC_IOThread::Entry(void*) + 72 0x7ff814d2d202 _pthread_start + 99 0x7ff814d28bab thread_start + 15
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I’ve been compiling Kontakt issues in this thread, because many people use it.

All reported issues are with v7, no v6.