Remapping sustain pedal to apply sustain to VST B3


I am using the HaNon B70. The sustain pedal triggers rotary change speed.

I think its more important for me to have my sustain pedal apply normal sustain like it does on my hardware keyboard. (I know the HaNon B70 is more proper and authentic, but I use lots of different sounds, I am used to using the sustain pedal for sustain for everything).

It does not seem like the B70 provides an option to revert to the sustain pedal triggering sustain.

Can GP provide a work around for this? Maybe I would map the sustain to block the note off message when the sustain pedal is pressed instead of triggering the rotary speed? (I have no idea, just throwing that out).



Do you know the thru option?

This way a mapped controller is not blocked by the widget.

Right but some organs wanting to be really authentic don’t actually support sustain at all. For example, the original version of Blue3 didn’t support sustain.

If you don’t assign it to a widget, your sustain controller will produce a CC#64 message which will be sent to your plugin if it is part of the MIDI in block connected to your plugin. When receiving a CC#64, a plugin will do what it is supposed to do with it : mostly a sustain effect, but not always, e.g. organ doesn’t usually have a sustain effect implemented.

Having said that, what you want to do is not clear to me.

  • If you want to prevent the CC#64 produced by your MIDI controller to trigger a leslie effect, than block the CC#64 in the corresponding MIDI in block.
  • If you want to benefit from a sustain effect on plugin having no sustain, you will find a ready to use sustain Scriptlet here:
    [Gig] Sostenuto and Sustain
  • If you want to assign your sustain controller to a plugin parameter different from a sustain parameter, and still benefit from the CC#64 message, then use the “THRU” option as mentioned by @pianopaul

There are many possible options depending on what you want to do exactly…

I suspect you are right (and I am still learning this stuff).

But, won’t the tone continue until there is a note off message? Can that be blocked so it has the same effect as fully pressing a a sustain pedal?

So holding the sustain pedal would block the note off message. And when the sustain pedal is release it would trigger a note off message?

Like I said, I am just sort of making stuff up…


Which Note Off Message?

That’s roughly what is done in the sustain Scriptlet, but not using the CC#64 message. Open the GP MIDI monitor and test it by yourself. The regular CC#64 sustain mechanism is working differently as it is directly handled by the plugin (or hardware synth).

Thanks, I will explore these options. Much appreciated!

This is a little older topic but it’s relevant for me. I’m using the gig performer trial right now and I’m trying to figure out the same thing. I often layer my piano sound with organ and would love to use the Hanon B70 organ for it. Problem is I cannot sustain the hammond sound with my sustain pedal. Has anyone found a solution for this problem?

Some other plugins (Like the B3 in mainstage) allows you to change sustain behavior in plugin settings but I havent found that option in Hanon b70.

Ok, you can use the auto sustain scriptlet.

The regular auto sustain scriptlet won’t work for that, it’s not driven by a pedal. But I think someone did write a scriptlet to support sustain (by temporarily blocking note offs) for Hammond organs that don’t support sustain.

Most organs don’t support sustain since a real Hammond organ does t have that feature.

The Blue3 organ plugin does support it though

FWIW, I now just use Vintage Organs (through Komplete Select) and the Amplitube Leslie plugin. I know Vintage Organs is considered only “serviceable”, but I think the Amplitube Leslie is what really makes or breaks the sound.

For me having the ability to sustain through a foot pedal is essential.