Release MIDI device from GP session

This is not strictly a hardware question but hardware related, so I hope I’m posting this in the right place.

When I try to connect the controller client (which is used to configure the controller elements on the midi keyboard) to my controller (Arturia Keylab 49 Mk. 1) it fails to connect because GP uses the device (even if I turn it off in the midi ports menu). In Ableton Live I can avoid this problem by turning off the entire audio engine which will stop using any external audio or midi driver. How do I do this in GP? Right now I have to close GP each time but since I experience very long load times for my startup gig file this is impractical.

you are on windows?

I’m sorry. Yes, I run Windows 10.

Try to deactivate the MIDI ports

That’s what I’ve already tried but to no effect. The MIDI Control Center client will still return a connection error unless I close GP.

What happens after you started GP while the ports are not activated?
Does the MIDI Control Center work?

Yes, it will keep working but the device, although showing up in the midi ports menu of GP, will produce no midi input.

Showing up in the MIDI ports?
You mean it is shown - what is desired - but not checked.

Your Problem is that GP uses the MIDI device and MIDI Control Center wants to use it too?

No, it is shown and checked but doesn’t work.

Yes, it seems that this is the same kind of issue you will sometimes have with ASIO drivers (at least in Windows) that host applications will use them exclusively and prevent other applications from using them. At least that’s what it seems to me. However you usually have the option to release them. In Ableton Live it’s the “turn audio engine off” option, in Arturia’s MIDI Control Center there is a “Sync” button (that won’t strictly have the desired effect in GP but seems to do something similar backend-wise).

This is not related to MIDI.

Maybe that helps:

Thanks, I’ll have a look. Seems to address the right issue at least.

Although it says “download coming soon

And unfortunately I believe it will never be, asTobias Erichsen died a few years ago.

Really? I saw some online activity from this year (sorry, last year)

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I am really sorry, I got this information from 2 different people but I’m very glad I was wrong!
He is someone who has developed useful and reliable programs but it is true that his site is not updated since 2016.

I’m pretty sure it is though. This option will release the midi device and make it controllable by the Arturia client.

You could use this together with loopmidi from tobias erichsen.

Use loopmidi as a loopback and midi-router to connect your midi device to the loopback