Relayer crash in Studio One

I just tried adding ten instances of Relayer in Studio One, it crashed on the tenth. GP was not running at the time, and it was a more or less empty S1 Song. There were 8 audio tracks but no plugins of any kind. I was adding the Relayer to separate busses, one for each Rec channel, to route to the audio recording tracks. I have a crash report from S1 as text file I can send. Or can I upload it here? Can’t see an add file box.
Studio One, VST3 version of Relayer. On re-opening S1 it flagged Relayer as causing crash (option to disable plugin, didn’t do that)

While you shouldn’t have gotten a crash, if GP was not running with a GP Relayer instance, the. external instances of GP Relayer won’t work at all.

I realise that of course, I was setting up a template in Studio One to record via the Relayer. As you say, it shouldn’t have crashed, the plugin shouldn’t do anything if it’s not connected to GP.

Try the same experiment with GP opened, having a Relayer instance running.
Does it still crash?

Can we please see that crash report

Relayer Studio One crash.pdf (130.8 KB)

Not able to do this for a day or two, will get to it though before the demo ends as it might be important !


Did you try the GP Relayer in Studio One?
If so, please try with 10 relays and see is it working as intended.

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Thanks. I see nothing in the crashed thread stack trace that suggests that the fault was in GP Relayer. If GP Relayer actually crashed, it would show up in that stacktrace (just like we see occasionally in a GP stacktrace when a third party plugin crashes)

I know you indicated that you got a message from the DAW implicating GP Relayer but the crash report does not support that as the cause. (NB when there is a crash, it’s unclear that anything the underlying application does at that point can be trusted so the actual report is the only thing that really matters)

Note: we are not going to point fingers and state with 100% certainty that the issue is NOT our plugin but we need to get more evidence.

Let us know if you can reliably reproduce this issue, particularly when GP is running with an internal instance of GP Relayer

I’ve just tested 10 instances of GP Relayer in Studio One as insert effects on audio channels and busses. It works fine here, and the plug-ins load lightning fast when reopening a song. However, I tested on Windows 10, not macOS, and with Studio One 6.6.2 (latest update released yesterday). Is there a specific reason why you’re still running Studio One 6.5?

The only thing I noticed is that GP Relayer seems to report parameter changes to the host as soon as I open the plug-in window. So Studio One sets the dirty flag and asks to save when I close the song. Normally that’s only the case when the user makes manual changes in a plug-in.

Can you reliably reproduce the crash (e.g. save a Studio One song with nine instances of GP Relayer, so opening the song and adding a tenth instance as an insert effect will cause a crash)? If you have any repro steps, I can test this again on my Macbook tomorrow.


I loaded over 10 instances of GP Relayer as Sends, and had no issues or crashes. SO 6.6.2 and Win11 Pro.

All good comments and I will def check this out, but I have no time for several days with 2 shows and a video shoot this week. Please don’t take my silence as disinterest ! I’ll get back on this next week.