Relayer behaviour in Reaper

First of all, congratulations on this new GP5.
I like the new feature in the wire view and the Relayer.

I tried the Relayer between GP5 and Reaper, through my XR-18 mixer.
I used it for virtual sound check after recording a vocal section.
Reaper → GP5 → Waves VST3 plugins → XR-18 → FOH.

It seems that the only way to make it work is to have the Relayer plugins open inside reaper at all times, as if I close the pop up windows, the audio from the tracks holding the Relayer plugins stops passing to GP5.

Is this normal behaviour?

Is the track in Reaper record armed?

No it’s not armed and it doesn’t need to be armed because I am playing the tracks, not record them.

I don’t need to keep the Relayer plugin inside Reaper open for the audio to play through GP. Sometimes Reaper can be quirky about disabling audio when it loses focus, and arming the tracks can help keep that focus.

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Up to now Reaper has always worked flawless for me with the windows closed, but I will try Arming the track as a test the next time and report back.

Just arm Reaper’ track and you will continue to hear the sound even if the focus is on any open windows or programs.
If you don’t want to arm the track, you’ll need to keep the focus on Reaper.

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I tested the suggestions above but it makes no difference. The Relayers plugins need to be always visible for them to work in my Reaper, no matter if I arm the tracks or not. I can still switch back and forth to GP OK.

I have no issues with all of the other plugins that I use, so I can only assume that the issue it’s GP related.

Even if I close all the windows of the plugins (GP Relayer) and of all the applications (Reaper and GP) I can still hear the sound.

If this were the case, I and other users would have to deal with this problem too?

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In that case I whish someone would know if there is a setting that needs to be changed in Reaper so to have it performing like your.

I am using the latest Windows 64 version.

It’s possible that disabling this option will help. I had it enabled though and still had no issues hearing the audio in GP from Relayer sent by Reaper with all windows closed. All I had to do was arm the tracks.

Example 92

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Thank you for the suggestion. I just tried it but it’s still the same.

I just thought something…
Do you have your track/s muted?

Just to be on the same page…

In Reaper I have muted the tracks that have the Relayer on them otherwise the sound will be doubled and will have phase shift and Combe Filtering once the audio gets processed in GP.


This is how I have it set up:

  1. In Reaper, in one track I have Master send disabled.

  2. In that track, I have GP Relayer inserted as an FX and set to send. (the track doesn’t even have to be armed)

  3. In GP I have GP Relayer inserted and set to receive

I have now ditched the laptop off but apart from having the four tracks going to output 13, 14, 15 and 16, the rest is as your setup. I have nothing going out on 1 and 2 (master Chanel).

If the tracks are muted, it’s normal that the sound doesn’t play in Reaper’s GP Relayer (or in any other Reaper plugin in this track). Furthermore, I’m surprised that the sound still plays with Reaper’s plugins window open when the track is muted, it seems impossible to me.

The Reaper’s track must not be muted for the signal to pass into GP Relayer, but Reaper’s Master track must be muted so that the sound of Reaper is not heard at the same time as that of GP.

The sound is arriving at the mixer through usb after getting processed in GP. Then gets processed by the mixer effects, hence I can achieve a full virtual soundcheck/tweaking using the previously recorded tracks.

In my case the sound can pass through with the muted track.

I still do not understand how can the sound pass into GP Relayer if the track is muted? When I mute the Reaper track or if I set the track volume to 0 the sound no longer passes into the FX as they are post-fader… Can you make a screenshot?

My computer is off at the moment but here is a link to a screenshot I took earlier for another post, hopefully it works.
You can make out the Relayers showing data passing through while there is no audio heard:

As already mentioned previously, my tracks do not go through the master output but to the same tracks numbers that were set up in the XR-18 mixer: channels 13, 14, 15, 16. The output from GP will go back to the same channels numbers to the mixer: 13 to16.