Recreating Nord Stage 2 samples to use with GP

Hello, I have a Nord Stage 2 which I’m looking to (eventually) ditch and move 100% to a controller keyboard with GigPerformer.

I’m getting there in terms of recreating the sounds I currently use for gigs in GP with various VSTs. However one thing I’m scratching my head with is how I can recreate / shift sampled sounds to be used from GP.

An example are the keyboard patches/sound effects for the track Uptown funk which I uploaded to my Nord from NSMP/NS2P files someone else created. I’m guessing these are Nord specific files and I’d have to hunt down some original source files to be able to then do something else? I really don’t know where to start with the process I’d need to take to have these (and future sound effect style sounds) available from GP. Ideally I’d love to lift-and-shift these (I’m just being lazy!) but I know that it’s likely to be more involved than that :smile:

Any help or suggestions very much appreciated.


You can connect your Nord via the Audio Interface to Gig Performer and do a resampling using the Auto Sampler Generator.
The recorded wav files you need to load into a Sampler VST.
For example the Decent Sampler or the well known Kontakt from Native Instruments.

Or you try to recreate that sounds via other VST instruments.

Great thanks for your help Paul… I’ll give that a shot!

A video that can help:

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Excellent - this is so helpful. Thanks Nemanja.