RecordScaler Chords & Performances

I have been recording track midi notes and the track audio in GP.
Im using sacler, complete control, Cthulhu… the generate chords, arps and performances.
GP only records input midi. I only get single notes. i would prefer to record both the original input midi notes AND the chords generated by whatever hardware or plugin employed.

I assume scaler or KK could be used before GP and that midi routed -somehow to a daw but again I would rather find a way inside GP to rout the input AND the output midi to GP’s record out or to a daw

i would prefer not to run a daw alongside GP to accomplish this but that might be my last resort.

Hi @reese ,

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I think there is no easy way to achieve that.
As I know the physical MIDI Devices are recorded and not the output of used MIDI In blocks.

Sending the MIDI stream you want to record too to a virtual MIDI out channel for which you would record the corresponding virtual MIDI in channel should work. At least I hope as I didn’t check :grimacing: :nerd_face:

Hello @reese, welcome here.
If you are using Windows this is possible with the Midilooper plugin from Pizmidi. I have already used it to record the notes of a midi sequencer in GP.
It’s very old, very ugly, and a bit weird… but it works.

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