Recording to wav from GP usin Melda MRecord

I found an article called “RECORDING YOUR GUITAR (OR VOCALS)” and set it up as per instructions. The wav file that is recorded from the Melda MRecord vst is absolutely silent even though over 4 mb of data is shown to have been recorded. I must be missing a simple trick. Any thoughts on why the recorded wav is silent?

Yes it seems to be a routing issue. I don’t own MRecord, but you surely have to select what you would like to record… If you record the wrong output, your audio file won’t let you ear anything…

Did you go into settings and activate your license? Even if it’s in the free bundle, I think it has to be activated.

Ah so I own it in fact and even with a license :wink: But I always use the Internal GP recorder with a loopback…

And that works really well!

Yes, I did that as I bought the licence.

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Not sure I know about this. Can you explain for me please?

I thought about this because I opened MRecorder to see what you were looking at. I made a recording and then listened to the file and there was nothing there. When I looked at Settings it was asking me to activate my license (I had just purchased a Melda license 2 weeks ago but had not used MRecorder). When Iplayed the file after activation…it played with sound.

Hey thanks for that. I had the same activate notice. Will try again tomorrow to see how things go.

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There is a way to send the outputs of GP to the inputs again and GP can record inputs. As you own an RME babyface you can do it with TotalMix FX. Look for “loopback” in the RME manual…

But MRecord is probably easier then using loopbacks…


Check out this article:


I never activated Melda free bundle’s plugins and all works fine, including MRecorder. I use it in most of my rackspaces when I want to record GP’s output.

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I had my routing wrong. All works fine now. Thanks for all the help.


I keep forgetting the part about GP recording only the inputs.

Another trick is to use a short cable and connect your stereo output to a pair of inputs on your audio interface. :slight_smile:

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My vocals are independent from GP and run out of a harmonizer into an analogue mixer. There are times when I’d like to record some backing vocals and import them into GP and trigger them as necessary. If plug the harmonizer outs directly into the Babyface Pro, will that allow the bv’s to be recorded?

Yes, all inputs can be recorded.