Recording GP3 in a DAW

Hello all,

I’m a bit new to GP3 and would like to record the output of GP3 in a DAW (I have Studio One 4 and Cakewalk By Bandlab). My audio interface is AXE I/O by IK multimedia and using Win10x64.

I’ve tried using Voicemeeter Banana, but can’t get the Audio In to be AXE I/O and the Audio Out be VM Banana (within GP3). I only have a choice to use the Axe for In and Out or VM for In as well as Out.

Is there a way to record GP3 in a DAW? (it seems there are a lot of options for MAC users (Loopback, BlackHole etc…, but haven’t found one for WIN users).

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For Windows I believe this is quite popular

I am using an RME audio Interface and with their inbuilt loopback option I can record the audio out as audio in in my DAW.
Another option is a plugin called MRecorder from Melda.
Just put it before your audio out and record as WAV.

Thank you DHJ and PianoPaul for the quick replies.

I just downloaded the VBCable and will give it a shot.

Thanks again!!

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Another alternative: How to record Gig Performer's outputs via Gig Performer's Record feature on Windows - Gig Performer

Also, the newest Gig Performer is version 4 :slight_smile:

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Reaper has a function called ReaRoute that lets you treat Reaper as an ASIO device. I have my GP4 set to use ReaRoute ASIO as its output device, then in Reaper I have a track that has Rearoute 1 & 2 mapped as input to a stereo track. You could use this to do pretty easy multitrack recording too, sending each instrument / rackspace to a different Rearoute output and recording them into their own respective tracks in Reaper… Rearoute makes 16 inputs by default and it might let you make more.

Other DAWs may also have this ability. Reaper is free to try.


I do it the same way with Reaper, but now that I use a RME Babyface, I use the Totalmix loopback function :grinning:

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