Recommendations for usb powered hub

What’s the most reliable usb powered hubs out there?
Pref 5-7 ports

I like the Anker products


I have been using for years several Atolla hubs.
This one I use on stage has 7 ports with individual on-off switches+ 1 fast charging and it has especially a 4 A. power supply.
Atolla 7 ports

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I’ve use that atolla hub but got usb errors with it- I then moved onto a small anker hub but that lost 1 port for some unknown reason - the rest worked fine.

I’m looking at this one


Yep, I have two of those in my live performance rack - travelled all over the world with it - never had an issue!

Off-topic, but can the Atolla be converted to an iAtolla?

I’ll see myself out.


Anker, hands down over many years. I’ve also used UGreen and Cable Matters hubs which have been OK, but Anker has a huge product selection, been in business many years, makes strudy, reliable products, and has been my go-to choice for hubs.

What are your preferred usb cables ?

No favorites for USB cables as it depends on what I’m using them for, and newer materials as they become available. I like super flexible cloth braided cables for some applications, durable stiff braided cables where they will get mashed and dragged around. Then there is the jacket thickness as well and that depends what I’m using it on. I almost always buy these through Amazon, and I use the reviews extensively to see what other people have to say about any given product. These are generally invaluable, often include photos and very detailed explanations of what people like or dislike about the product. Some of the popular items can have 10’s of thousands of reviews, so going through the 1 star ratings, as an example, and you can definitely get a feel for the most common complaints.

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Thanks for replying