Recent Live Gig with Florian Opahle

Here a video of my recent gig with the Pink Floyd Tribute Band
“beyond -a tribute” and Florian Opahle


LOVE it! Looks like a great show, and sounds great too!

Excellent presentation. The lights, sound, and execution were all top notch.
I just read that Florian is Bavarian, I did not know that.
Are you the one triggering the automobile sounds toward the end of the song?

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Most of the sounds I am playing live, some of them I recorded and are triggered by logic.
Logic controls the light via DMX and is playing back the video.


High class! Bravo!

(Do you have details on the PA system used in this extremely long venue?)

We have been using QSC System and added some other speakers (I do not know the name)
and for special effects surround speakers.

Impressive in such a difficult venue!
I have the feeling that since the chronic unavailability of the Yamaha/Nexo DZR and DXS-XLF series PA systems, QSC is doing very well…

Outstanding @pianopaul!

Your live sound is great! Like :slight_smile:


Loved this! Great work!!

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Wow, sehr beeindruckend - Top Sound & Light :wink:

Grüsse nach Bayern

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Grüsse aus Bayern :wink:

Another short video from the same location


Genial !!!

Somebody should record the whole show! :slight_smile: