Receiving midi program changes GP from outside apps and controllers

Hey guys,

New user…so I am working with BandHelper on my iPad and want to send midi PC to gig performer …I have hundreds of songs and settings for my live rig in BandHelper and the benefits from changing it over is not worth the effort involved, plus I have multiple projects using BandHelper and it’s the only way we stay in sync.

So…I have my Mac connected via usb to a hub, and the hub connected to the midi interface, Yamaha wireless midi to connect to the iPad and BandHelper.

I have presets with ch10 designated for GP in BandHelper, but I am not seeing any midi activity in GP when I hit a program change.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

In the global midi options you can define if pc messages should be received only from a specific midi device or all devices.

What do you see in the global MIDI monitor window?

Did you enable the correct midi port?

So in midi ports I am seeing nothing in either direction.

In midi studio in utilities (probably my least favorite Mac thing) nothing is there but it iAc driver

And of course…the motu devices are not big sur compatible yet…

I am regretting this MacBook Brick…what a waste of time it’s creating…feels like back in windows 3.1 days​:confounded::confounded:

What do you mean by that? Did you open the GP MIDI Monitor?

Yes…no inputs or outputs are showing and no messages are getting to GP. No activity on the meters either.

Oddly via usb the Native keyboard shows up just fine, but again via usb the iPad and BandHelper does not.

How does your midi ports window look like in the options window?

Absolutely empty.

Global midi is set, but the ports window is blank. I think it’s a motu issue for that, but straight usb between my iPad and Mac I get nothing…

The audio midi setup recognizes nothing either…audio side works, midi side does not.

I have a bad feeling the M1, big sur so is far from ready…like usual with apple.

I think they are months away until the os is ready and manufactures update to support…most apps and hardware are saying DO NOT upgrade to Big Sur, fortunately my studio computer is on Catalina and I shut down auto updates so they don’t brick.

Basically my new MacBook Pro with M1 chip is a brick as far as music goes (it was purchased specifically for live performance) so it will be relegated as a development and test computer until the manufacturers catch up.

Super disappointed

Hmm, I was getting ready to return the M1 dev machine we borrowed from Apple. I’ll do a quick test with it today. I have a MOTU M4 as well