Receiving MIDI PC and CC in Setlist view

Is it possible for GP to receive MIDI PC and CC in Setlist view from my Helix Floor?

I have setup a few songs in Setlist View, assigned the relevant MIDI PC and CC to each song and if I select a song, it successfully select the correct Preset and Snapshot in Helix.

For Example: PC 2, CC# 69, CC value 1

This will change the Helix to Preset 01B and Snapshot 2.

Now I would like it for the Setlist to also be receiving the same commands whenever Helix changes to a new preset, either when I stomp on a new preset or when I send a command from the BandHelper App, which already works well between it and Helix.

At the moment, the only way I can make the changes is from GP, is within the Setlist View, by selecting a song and song part.

If I set GP to Panels View, then it will ONLY receive the Helix MIDI PC. It cannot receive MIDI CC.

What can it be done to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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Why does GP need to receive the CC? CC 69 is for the Helix snapshot. What would you like GP to do if it receives it?

GP would need to receive CC so that it would go to the correct reckspace variation as I would use the variation as snapshots, because in Helix I use snapshots for different songs as well for activating effects. This workaround works well for me and I have fewer Helix presets.

Basically, the Rack space needs the same features input that the setlist variations allow us to enter and that be Receiving these CC# and CC value as well as PC and Midi CH.

Can the Helix send PC messages?

If so the PC messages can target specific song parts and when they do you would assign those song parts the rackspace variation that matches with your Helix snapshot, that is sending the appropriate CC values for that rackspace.

CC values that are not matching widgets or other parameters within a rackspace (including global rackspace) will not affects non-active rackspaces.

I think I would start simple and make sure the PC and CC relationship between the Helix and the rasckspace are working as you wish before you iterate a bunch. Perhaps you make one racksapce that does ‘everything’ and you just switch songs with PC changes and those songs in turn select varations of that rackspace. This way everything is driven by snapshots and GP just responds as you wish.

Just one possible approach.

The Helix Floor will send and receive MIDI PC and CC messages to and from GP4.

I have just been told that the Rackspace Variation in Panel View, cannot currently receive CC# CC values, only PC messages. Hopefully we will see it implemented on the next update.

When in Setlist View, GP can only SEND all the required messages to Helix Floor but not receive them from Helix Floor.

I use Band Helper to tap on a song and the App send all MIDI messages to the Helix and the Helix send them to GP.

Ideally, I would only prepare the songs in BandHelper and not duplicating them in Setlist view.

For the time being, I have created a test Setlist in GP and click the songs there which in turn change the settings to the Helix Floor’s presets and snapshots. That works just fine but is not convenient. Usually I have my phone with BandHelper on a mic stand and don’t have the laptop near me.

It can’t respond to them directly.

Further, the mechanism that will allow direct access to a particular rackspace variation or songpart will not be a combination of a program change and a CC message - it will just be one or the other. Also the VALUE of a CC message is not taken into account – this is just not how Gig Performer works.

It sounds like you should reconfigure the pedal board so that it uses a program number to select a preset in the Helix and then use a set of different CC numbers (always the same ones regardless of the song) to select Helix snapshots. Then you can send the program number from the Helix into GP to select the song and map the CC numbers to GP song parts

But this is one of the reasons why GP Script was developed — you can have a GP Script (in the global rackspace) to interpret incoming messages and do anything you want.

" It sounds like you should reconfigure the pedal board so that it uses a program number to select a preset in the Helix and then use a set of different CC numbers (always the same ones regardless of the song) to select Helix snapshots."

The Helix is already programmed this way, Each preset has its own PC number. Each preset has 8 Snapshots and these require CC#69 and a CC value consisting of 0-7. Snapshot 1= CC value 1 and Snapshot 8= CC value 7.

“…Then you can send the program number from the Helix into GP to select the song and map the CC numbers to GP song parts…”

The Songs in the GP Setlist are not allowing to receive the Midi commands from Helix, only to send to Helix.
As I already said, I have no problem sending the messages from the Setlist.

Sorry… I am starting to get confused…
I only want for GP to reflect the Helix floor.

I will try uploading a screenshot of what I entered in the Setlist songs.

Please ignore the top panel, which i use as a backup for the Helix Native plugin, which is bypassed. This topic is for Helix Floor only.

No, it’s not. In your Helix, you are using the same CC number but with different values. However, for Gig Performer, you need to actually use different CC numbers for each part

OK, Now I understand.

I have just tested it out and although it change the song parts, it is not a viable solution for me.

The main problem is that the Helix can use 8 of its footswitches in 2 separate modes, Snapshot Mode and Stomp Mode.
In Snapshot Mode, the 8 footswitches can only send CC# 69 and cannot be programmed to a different CC#.

Allowing the same footswitches to operate in Stomp mode, these can be programmed to whatever you like. I use this mode to assign different effects to be switched ON and OFF when needed, separate from Snapshots. In fact, I can have the bottom row set in Snapshot mode and the top row in Stomp mode.

In Stomp mode, if I program one of these switches for a CC# to be used with GP’s Song Variation, then I would be switching whatever effect it was originally assigned to Helix at the same time, and that’s not good. Yes, the same footswitch can be assigned to multiple effects/command, in this case, switching an effect ON/OFF and switching GP’s Song part at the same time, and that’s the problem. I do use the Stomp mode for controlling the Helix Effects individually in most Helix Presets.

The other issue is that I would be needing to program the CC# on each presets that I have already built in the Helix.

It would be great if someone could come up with a script that would address the above issue, until then, I have to use GP as I have done so far.

Good News!

I have managed to make the Helix Floor work with switching Rackspaces and Variations.
I can even change Snapshots in the Helix floor and it will go to the right variations in GP. Not only that, I am also able to use my Android phone with BandHelper (one direction only) to select a song from it and it changes the Helix Floor and in turn, the Helix triggers the correct Rackspaces and variations automatically.

This works only with Rackspaces and not in Setlist mode, but I am OK with that, as BandHelper deals with it.

I am also able to switch the Helix to stomp mode and when activating/disactivating any of the effects, no issues occur to GP.

Early days yet but looks promising!

I changed a setting in the Global Midi and assigned CC# 69 to the Variation Direct Access option.

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To Clarify…

I am connecting my Android phone to Helix Floor using WIDI Bluetooth MIDI that it is connected into the Helix, then USB out from Helix into Gig Performer.

Well, turns out that that’s a low hanging fruit — two lines of code and that option will now work with song parts as well.

Look for it in the next release (whenever that happens!)

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That’s great! Looking forward to it.

I noticed something about during testing.
Currently, you can assign a specific PC to a Rackspace variation. I wanted this to be the last one (PC 127). When I did that, the command sent from the Helix did not work, in fact, the changes to the Rackspaces only happens if the indexing is automatic, not by giving a specific number to a variation, anyway, it occurred to me that

even if that worked, GP would loose the ability to change the variations sent by the Helix Snapshots.

Just my observation.