Real Time Midi Vst Intelligent Harmonizer

Trying to see if there’s a way to replicate live the harmony part that Jon Lord played in his Highway Star organ solo (no way my left hand can keep up with my right) Is there any vst plugin that would let me, for instance, play an Am chord, then E major chord with my left and have a harmony play with my right hand solo part? If you listen to his solo you will know what I mean. I tried Obelisk but I don’t think it can do it. Thanks.

Have you tried using ripchord to provide the harmony?

Jon plays the solo with his right hand and bass with his left, he doesn’t play any full chords. There is also a video on YouTube where the other instruments have been mixed down and you can hear how Jon plays.

Uh, I would not follow that tutorial if I wanted accurate guidance — decorum prevents me from saying more.

If you listen to the actual solo from the album and slow it down, you can absolutely hear that there’s an organ harmony.

Having listened to it again (it’s been decades since I played that song live), I realize that Ripchord won’t work but it probably wouldn’t be too hard to write a scriptlet that would modify the harmony based on triggering with your left hand.

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OK, thanks, I guess maybe I need to study scriptlets to see their potential. Also came across something called a Harmonizer Harmonizer – Johan Looijenga
which could possibly do it, unfortunately there’s no demo version to try. Might make some interesting brass arrangements, though.

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