Real LP sounds horrible


The plugin sounds perfect as a standalone version. But in GP it sounds like the sample rate does not fit.

I am using a RME Babyface with 48 kHz.

What can I do ?

What is Real LP? It doesn’t come up in a search for me.

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Some more detailed information would make it way easier for us to actually help you… please try to stick to these guidelines:


I am running the latest version of GP 4.5.8 on a Win 10 system, 16 GB RAM, i7 notebook with an SSD hard drive. The Windows is newly installed. The notebook is optimized for use as a soundmachine on stage only.

The audio interface is an RME babyfacePro with ASIO and 128 buffers at 2.7 ms delay.

The musiclab guitar plugin Real LPC (Les Paul Emulation) is also installed in the latest version 6.0.1, which has just been downloaded. The standalone version is clean and the sound is awesome.

When I play any note in GP on the plugin, it sounds extremely metallic, overdriven. The sound reminds me of when the sample rate or buffer size is wrong.

Other plugins like Native Instruments Kontakt are clean.

Only the Sonicprojects Upper Rhine does not work, but I fail to scan. This is a different problem.

Are there any log ways to investigate the problem?

Maybe this kind of problem has been solved.

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Just downloaded the DEMO, installed it and in Gig Performer it is playing without issues.
Can you upload a small gig file I could check on my system?

Thanks for providing the whole information. :beers:
Do other plugins sound ok in Gig Performer?
Please check if the sound settings within GP are done correctly, maybe it’d be best to show a screenshot of the settings window.
(there were a few cases in the past where those settings weren’t right)

There have been past issues with the combination of RME + Real Guitar + Windows = distorted sound. Maybe the devs recall?

Thanks for the answers. I had a very long day at work so I just starrt to ans wer now.

I have some other VSTs (Kontakt, Arturia minimoog + Prophet, korg m1) They are all fine.

I will prepare the Screenshots and mini File in a few minutes

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I am not allowed to upload a *.gig File :frowning:

Here the File

Yes, one user with a Windows Surface had a problem with that explicit combination - nobody else was ever able to reproduce this – including the MusicLab people. This should be reported to them though.

When I Change the audio section to “Windows” and NOT to ASIO , so sound is clear!

As I mentioned, it seems to be an issue of Sample rate and Buffer size. I am also discussing this with musiclab.

Please give us a feedback if you know more about this…


I have received an info from Musiclab.

The bug occurred once before in an old version of Gig Performer and was fixed in 3.2.7. Unfortunately, the problem seems to occur again in GP 4.

The colleagues from Musiclab have unfortunately not received any feedback and help from the GP development.

Can someone give me a hint how to reach the colleagues from GP?

You already did… @dhj and @djogon are the developers of GP and they both are active members in these forums! :+1: :wink:

Indeed. We removed some unnecessary .NET files that “somehow” seemed to address the problem, though we never had any idea why!

Nothing has changed since that update and the issue seems to be very rare. Personally I suspect a conflict with some other library but no idea what that might be.

GP works perfectly fine with thousands of plugins in Windows with RME hardware so it’s very difficult to see how/why this particular issue could really be GP.

How can I solve that problem ? I can not use the VST instruments in that case

I wish we knew — it’s only happening to a couple of people (you’re the second, in 5 years) – it works for most users — the Musiclab people can’t reproduce it and neither can we. There has to be something on specific machines that is causing this issue.