Re : metronome denominator

Hey guys I noticed that the denominator is still in 1/4’s on metronome , could that be considered on an update ? , even if you change to 6/8, it’s in 1/4’s which should be in 1/8’s

Take a look at GP 4, should work

Thank you!, that was such a deal breaker as I couldn’t give band click at right denoms before

Really a deal breaker?
I was using a custom click track with audio player.

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I need to give a 4 click count to band on cue , ( press play on controller) , and sync tempo plugins to arps and side chains , etc

Yeah, when the tempo in the song remains fixed, you could start the Audioplayer whenever you want and with scripting it would be absolutely in sync.
But in GP 4 that all is inbuilt - big improvement.

Thanx for fixing the metronome !, 6/8 works perfectly !

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