Rayzoon Jamstix

Just curious if anyone has been able utilize Jamstix by Rayzoon in Gig Performer 4? It seems to work fine if I build a song and then use the transport controls to playback the song, but I was hoping to be able to use the live performance mode and be able to trigger parts dynamically. For some reason, I haven’t gotten that to work, and I don’t know if that’s a gig performer issue or a Jamstix issue.

Also, this would primarily be used in solo practice sessions, so no deal breakers here if it doesn’t work. It just lets me know I don’t need to look at an actual purchase of the VST.


What do you want to achieve?
Trigger parts via Widgets etc?

Yes, I would like to create a Verse / Verse Alternate / Chorus / Bridge and be able to trigger each section via a widget.

I already know how to set the widgets up to trigger note values — it just seems like I’m missing something within the plugin itself.

Did you read the user manual of Jamstick?

Lol, yes. :slight_smile: I might need to go back and review or contact them directly. Good point :slight_smile:

I will say, not everyone is as good about documentation as I’ve found in Gig Performer thus far.

Seems just sending note on messages trigger the song parts

Ok, found the documentation. When I get home later I’ll give it another shot to see if I can get it working. I had to search their forums and it looks like I’m not the only one who had the issue finding it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s a tiny unlabeled icon in the interface:


Got it to work. Great software, but might just stick to practicing with a metronome.

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