Randomize plugin paramater, Probabilistic Sound Designer

Hi again.

I have two plugins that have Randomize buttons in their interface but for some reason, neither of the Randomize buttons show up in the Parameter List for either. They are Audio Damage Replicant 2 and DS Tantra 2. All other plugin parameters for these two appear to be in their parameter lists.

A third plugin, Sugar Bytes Turnado, did have its Randomize button show up in the Parameter List but that program is old and it didn’t seem to react in GP and crashed it. It’s old, not surprising. I have no idea when the last time the developer updated it…

When I open PSD in both of the first two plugins and then select the Randomize button in the plugins, it pulls in all of the parameters that the Randomize buttons are randomizing. But without it in the Parameter List, I can’t map it. Anyone have insight why the Randomize buttons in these two plugins do not show up in the Parameter List? I emailed the respective companies but thought I would ask here too.

A workaround might have been if it was possible to map the Randomize button in Probabilistic Sound Designer but that’s not possible, is it?

If you’re talking about a Randomize feature that is specific to a plugin, then it’s completely up to the plugin developer to determine whether that feature is exposed through the host automation system (i.e, as a plugin parameter)

Again, not a surprise. If the plugin has its own randomize feature, then triggering that feature will cause the plugin parameters to change. And Gig Performer will see those parameter changes just as if you clicked on them with the mouse. Further, that is why the PSD has the ability to temporarily disable parameter capturing - precisely to avoid that issue.

Sure - as observed above, the plugin developers didn’t make their Randomize feature part of host automation!

The randomization mechanism in the PSD is a completely different beast because it has controlled randomization. It’s not guaranteed to be instant (you can’t expect every plugin to be able to instantly react to hundreds of changing parameters in real time)

That said, you can use GP Script to create your own randomization algorithm to change parameters in any plugin any way you want.


Then folks can expect to hear from me in the Scripting forum! Because I will definitely need help with that, if it is anything like scripting in Circular Labs Mobius. Thanks for the info, appreciate it.

I just looked at that — GP Script is nothing like that!!!

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Awesome. About to head to the woods for the weekend but next week, look forward to diving into it, thanks!

Interesting quirk. When I installed Turnado, it wanted to install it in the Cakwalk/VSTplugins folder and I didn’t catch it.

I just reinstalled it to my normal VST2 plugins folder (Program Files/VSTplugins), deleted the other one and it is working fine now in GP. Or appears to be for now.

Note to self: Always make sure all VST2 are installed to that folder!