Random NoteOff Issue

Hi Everyone,

I’ve only been using GP for about 4 months now, so I am fairly new to it and all that it can do. But I am blown away by its capabilities. My goal is to have a hybrid rig of both software and hardware, but I’ve run into an issue where it seems that GP is sending random All Notes Off messages and it is causing my Nord Stage 3 to cut off abruptly. I have tried several different methods to remedy this issue and I initially thought it would be a simple fix, but I cannot figure out where the messages are coming from. My Rig consists of:

MacBook Pro (2021)
Apple M1 Max
32 GB Ram
1 TB hard drive

iConnectivity mioXM
iConnectivity AUDIO4c
iConnectivity PlayAUDIO12

Nord Stage 3
Yamaha MODX7

*Not sure if this is relevant, but I also have a MIDI Solutions F8 with a sustain pedal and a few Boss FS-6s connected to it with the intention of using GP to map their function on a per rack space basis.

*All MIDI and Audio interfaces are connected to a CalDigit Thunderbolt 4 Element Hub and then to the MacBook Pro via a Thunderbolt 4 cable.

*The Nord Stage 3, Yamaha MODX7, and MIDI Solutions F8 are all connected to the mioXM via the MIDI DIN ports.

*All hardware and software firmware is up to date.

I created a few rack spaces with a few variations all of which were sending out PC messages to the Nord Stage 3. But as I played the internal sounds of the Nord, I noticed that the notes would randomly cut off. I tried restarting GP and then restarting the computer with no results. I then started to unplug each MIDI DIN cable to see if the message was coming from one of the keyboards or the F8, but after unplugging everything from the mioXM (except the computer) the MIDI indications lights would still flash randomly when it would receive a message. So I knew it had to be coming from GP itself. I then opened the Global MIDI monitor and flipped the toggle for it to show output messages and saw that it was sent out All Notes Off and a Sustain message.

I thought I might have a MIDI loop issue or an issue with an IAC Driver, so I unchecked all of the inputs and outputs in the GP settings and I could still see the messages come into the Global MIDI Monitor. At that point, I was stumped as to where the message could be coming from.

I am truly excited to start using GP, but I’m a little stuck until this issue is resolved. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Are you switching rackspaces on gig performer while you play your hardware?

They’re not random — they’re designed to do that when you switch rackspaces precisely to prevent stuck notes. In the short term, if you put your MIDI Out block in the global rackspace, it won’t do that.

There is an option to disable that feature in GP 4.5.8, the currently released version


No, this happens randomly. Even if I’m not touching a pedal, keyboard, or any other MIDI connected device.

Are you sure this note off messages are coming from gig performer?

I’m not 100% certain, but I don’t know where else they would be coming from if all of my devices are unplugged and I don’t have any other programs running.

What happens when you remove the midi out plugins in gig performer?

Ok, I removed the midi output plugins and the issue has stopped. But how should I to send PC changes to my keyboards?

Before removing, did you try that?

That seems to have worked! I still need to reconnect some of my wigets to test the rig in full, but everything is working so far.

I still don’t understand why it was sending that message even when I wasn’t changing rack spaces.

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Could you provide us with a few steps to reproduce and the smallest possible gig file which behaves like this?